?????? (When The Whole World Is Wrong)

Uploaded on Oct 23, 2018

Here is my biggest piece, the one that is the closest to my heart (not that the others two aren't!). As you can see, it started on the 23rd of October as private, so it's been a month of work - 2 weeks during which I worked almost exclusively on it, spending my whole days creating it - then after I had less time to give to it but it was still constant work every evening, first on the ending, then the lyrics and the video. I must say it's been quite exhausting! ;) And I've exhausted a great stock of ideas with some that I had had for years, though the majority was very recent if not found during the composing itself.

I hope you will enjoy it and I would love your feedback - first and foremost on the music, because this time, unlike with The Sixth Sign where I wrote music and lyrics at the same time, here I wrote the lyrics after. I do hope you will also enjoy them though. I tried to tell a story because I could not just throw random words for such a length, but at the same time I had not enough lyrics time to make it really clear so it can be rather vague if you don't know what's exactly behind it like I do.

Well, enjoy your listening! :)

Epic Very Long Sad When The Whole World Is Wrong RKW Prog Orchestral Metal Rock Dream Theater Dream Theater Overture Piano Guitar Moon Traveller Cat Meta Cat Meta Pace Numb Fragment Eternity

Pages 247
Duration 24:09
Measures 691
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 15
Part names Piano(4), Guitar(2), Percussion(6), Organ, Bass, Synthesizer
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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