Sweet Sweet Canyon (Mario Kart 8 Transcription)

Uploaded on May 12, 2015

Maybe not quite as synth as Electrodrome, but certainly one of my more favourite upbeat tracks from the game. Dat bass tho. Arranged in MuseScore2 using the swanky new default soundfont - try it out!

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_mte7eIRJQ

videogame music game mario mario kart arrangement transcription

Pages 19
Duration 01:52
Measures 30
Key signature natural
Parts 14
Part names Other Woodwinds, Guitar(2), Violin, Percussion(5), Bass(2), Synthesizer, Piano, Timpani
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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You're amazing man! Thank you sooo much for sharing this!
oh yessss why can i no play 15 parts and the same time

Nice! This arrangement sounds like the original. On top of that, I do have one question for you: how could you tell that one of the instruments was a Bandoneon rather than an Accordion?
You are a man of magic. Neatly composed, notes are on time, I even closed the wrong tab thinking this was it! Nice job!
Is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I noticed you think the bass is insanely hard, and I think (based on listening to this and comparing it to the original) that the reason it *looks* so hard is because the song is actually in swing, i.e. all the dotted-sixteenth-thirty-second-note pairs you have are supposed to be swinging sixteenths. (That's just my take on it though.)
Nah I just said dat bass tho because it's a cool bassline. Looking back on it I should probably change it to be swung because as you say that's more likely the case than dotted notes.
It amazes me when I hear stuff like this because my scores suck. GREAT JOB
Thanks, and don't fret about your scoring, it comes with practice (also this is a transcription so its more me just matching the sound of the original rather than to be actually played)! My scores weren't even at your level until a few years ago - if you keep up at it and maybe do a bit of theory too it gets much easier.
wow, really accurate to the original. impressive