Hymn For The Weekend (Ft. Cade Dallas Andersen)

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Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Percussion
Coldplay's hit "Hymn for the Weekend" for a sax quartet. Thanks to Cade Dallas Andersen for his phenomenal drumset part for this song.

Watch his score down below:

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Adventure of a Lifetime:



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Alto Saxophone, Piano, Percussion
Here's Coldplay's 4th single on their 7th studio album, A Head Full of Dreams. Astrid Norwall made a brilliant piano arrangement while Brian Hernandez made great vocals and drumset arrangements for this song. We hope you love it. Enjoi. :)

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Adventure of a Lifetime:

Hymn for the Weekend:


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Here's a new piece from Coldplay's debut album, Sparks. It's a unique piece for me because I try something new with Violin instead of sax. 🎻 I have been playing violin for about 7 months now and I love it! (But sax is better 👌) This is a calm, mellow arrangement with a bass solo near the end. This was made awhile back and I was just trying to find the perfect time to upload it lol but it's not meant to be a huge piece. Just an experimental one. What do you guys think about this? Should I focus on other arrangements or stay on saxophones?? 🤔 Please comment I would love to hear what you have to say. 🙂

P.S. I'm going to take a month off to reflect on the channel and work on new projects. This is not meant to gain lots of views, it's mainly as a B-Side to what I've been working on. Thank you and remember to stay saxy. 😎🎷

Fix You

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Hello Everyone! Sorry for not uploading lately. I've had a busy couple of months with UC applications, auditions, and scholarships to worry about and with CSU and FAFSA applications opening up, It'll be a busy couple of months for me. (If you don't know, UC and CSU are California Universities and FAFSA is for financial aid) Just so everyone knows, I won't be uploading on a week by week basis anymore. And I won't be uploading for a while until I have this college thing in order. I honestly don't know what to do with this channel in the mean time, but be patient with me my followers. This guy has alot on his plate right now so please forgive me :)

This is Coldplay's hit single, Fix You fo the album X&Y. I've been wanting to do this song for a while now, but never got to do it till now.

I'll see everyone soon. Enjoi and remember to stay saxy 🎷