24 Miniatures, (penultimate?) update 8, two more to go!

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Jul 13, 2018

Miniatures pieces for every key! For this update, I (finally) finished the G# minor and the B minor. All that's left is the final two! I arranged the pieces in the "reverse" of the circle of 5ths. The songs as of now:

1) C major: The Prelude
2) A minor: Prelude of the Mist
3) F major: The Waltz
4) D minor: The Roaring Prelude
5) Bb major: A Chromatic-ish Piece
6) G minor: Romance
7) Eb major: In 4/3
8) C minor: Night Trolls
9) Ab major: A Fugue
10) F minor: Depressed Jazz
11) Db major: A Serenade for Vallerie
12) Bb minor: Right-Hand Finger Dexterity
13) Gb major: To Hold a Newborn in Your Arms
14) Eb minor: Tarantella and Two Variations
15) B major: Memorial
16) G# minor: Nocturne
17) E major: Gamelans of the Pura Dalem
18) C# minor: Mazurka
19) A major: Gigue
20) F# minor: Scherzo/Toccata
21) D major: Another Fugue
22) B minor: Ternary Etude for the Left Hand
23) G major:
24) E minor:

If someone wants to help me with this project, you are more than welcome! Inform me in the comments section of this video, and I'll review it to see whether it will be uploaded in here or not.

short pieces piano piano hard all keys circle of 5th piano solo collection

Pages 60
Duration 38:24
Measures 898
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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