Prelude to the Water Sprites//The Water Sprites' Allure and Curse

Uploaded on Oct 26, 2018

1. Prelude to the Water Sprites
I hear her by the lake,
The lake birthed from two rivers in a secluded forest.
There I went, and there I beheld a most wonderful woman
Of impeccable beauty, of unspeakable grace.
Her voice is like that of a travelling breeze, ever distant.
Her figure, elegance beyond comprehension.
She was playing with the water by the lake, twirling and splashing.
My heart yearns to speak to her, but my conscience knew better,
For it is not a blessing to meet her, but a legendary curse.
Many tales have been told, many had not believed,
For which gal of such beauty be of any wrong?
If not for my brother, I too would have been there by her side,
Drowning by the lake, feasted upon by her sisters.
I found my brother's map lying in the shrubs nearby,
One that he would never had parted with.
With a heavy heart I left her by the lake,
The lake that was birthed of two rivers in a secluded forest,
Blessed and cursed.

2. The Water Sprites' Allure and Curse
They dance to entice the lonely man,
By the lake they bewitchingly sway to an simple tune.
The man entranced approach the ladies,
Consumed by their beauty and apparent joy.
The sprites invites him to a banquet below,
The man followed, only to be devoured whole.
As the poor man drowns in his aquatic cage,
He sees the vicious cycle happening again,
He hears the allure of the damned spirits,
And with regret and extreme pain drowned the lonely man.

This is a hard-copy-to-soft-copy, and I have "transcribed" what I have written to the best of my ability. Do give feedback on what to improve!

ondine piano solo hard piano original music

Pages 16
Duration 07:46
Measures 154
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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