Angry birds fuga con barok style

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Fuga a moll con thema Angry birds

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Tamirranger's picture

very good and amazing piece
I adore it

21st ccentury boy's picture

Ms 37 cant be right in the series of sequences of 1 to iv so from F major one would go to Bb- not b minor is truly a standout moment . I need to check original score where is bwv number ? Oh ,I read the comments .It isn't j.s. at all. Good copy of the baroque style. Now , I must write a fugue for archlute or theorbo piece (theorbo has deeper bass and stronger in low range than the usual tenor lute. ) !

wind.e's picture

This is really cool! You sure have knowledge about baroque composers writing fugues, but anyways, I'm impressed, or should I even admit that I'm a little jealous? :P

konbanwa's picture

Congratulations! This year I will explain the Baroque style with your Fuga.
Thanks for sharing.

(Manu - Spain)

joyismusic97's picture

Amazing!!!! Love it!!! One of my students wanted to play the angry birds theme and this is perfect! Classical yet fun at the same time! Student and teacher both very happy:)

pt.harasimiuk's picture

I did not know that my work will have so many thousands of plays.
For me, it's a shock ...
I wrote this for fun and to see if you can be curious about the show in the Baroque style.
I added you more similar composition but do not have access to that account.

I greet you from Warsaw in Poland
Piotr Tomasz Harasimiuk

Nikki Ty's picture

What a treat! At first I thought the theme a little bland ... then checked the origin of the "Angry Birds" ... and realized what a wizard you are! An ordinary simple melody is brilliantly transformed into a richly interwoven fugue ... and you've kept the rules of the fugue intact.
What makes this treat doubly enjoyable is that it's relatively ( for a fugue) easy to play ... and the rewards are enormous. I absolutely love it. ( and my area of interest is Baroque ... Bach and the little-known Zipoli) I downloaded it and there goes my afternoon. If I can peel myself away from the piano, maybe I can have lunch .... and consider a YouTube performance .... with links to you of course.

Thanks SO much for this lovely piece.

Nicholaus Setra's picture

Oh My God! excellent!

Classical34's picture


chrissi_loves_music's picture

yo dis shot!!!!!

Davon M. Halim's picture

I found a piece similar, but definitely YOU wrote first:

Brandon Welborn's picture

Wow!!!! I could NEVER write a Fuga that good!! Also very clever usage of the Theme of Angry Birds!!!

PenAndCad's picture

Piotr, you are very talented! Anyone (like me) who hadn't heard the Angry Birds theme before hearing your arrangement WOULD think your piece was written by J S Bach — very impressive! In fact, I had to find a YouTube clip to hear the original after listening to this, and I'm now even more impressed. I'm sure piano teachers who are trying to enthuse their bored young pupils will use this to give the children a challenging piece the kids will WANT to play properly!

sofandrea's picture

hahhaha how funny it is!

GMC's picture

Very nice. You know well the art of the beautiful baroque ... Bravo

oliver cooling's picture

Why angry birds. I see this opening Mario or some other older games. Still brilliant, mind...

composer's picture


Menta17's picture

I like it so much!!

Aiadail KR's picture

WOW 29K VIEWS! Brilliant!

reppuli100's picture

It's now over 32K...

Davon M. Halim's picture

Over 37 K now

OtakuJO's picture


rdc's picture

I like it.
I like it. I make a song of Angry Birds.

Karyuudo's picture

Absolutely fantastic. Made me want to play your piece and a Bach fugue. Well done.

cute's picture

I love the Angry Birds! What a fun song :D

Hermelin's picture

Fun AND good work too!!!

Baljeet's picture

I Found it more like Bach, not like bartok, but, i Love it, great work

PianoKeys's picture

This is a riot, and very well pulled off! I have decided to work the piece in.

globber's picture

Impressive! Rovio should use this in the game instead :)

mikk's picture

like J.SBACH!!!Amazing

mikk's picture

that too beautiful!!!

Giovanni Faccini's picture

Just great! To say the least. Are you the original composer? Could we set up a joint-musicians-venture for some other shared compositions?

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Alex97's picture

Great Work. I love this piece

davinci31's picture

Fabulous !! What a talent.

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musikmann's picture

Is that supposed to be "Baroque"?

TheStranger's picture

Also try setting a higher tempo

TheStranger's picture

Try doing this piece on a higher octave.

BarryP's picture

Wow!!! This is wonderful. I can never figure out how people write fugues!!!
Thanks for posting this!!!

Yvonne Tate's picture

That's sooo great. Thumbs up!

andabouk's picture


Syndro's picture

Oh, that's great!

Jack Langdon's picture

Very interesting take on a popular theme. Great job!

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Uploaded Sep 30, 2011
Pages 4
Duration 1:28
Measures 70
Key signature natural
Parts 1
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  • Piano
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