Disney Pixar: Up Theme Piano

Uploaded on Mar 16, 2015

Disney Pixar move: UP theme for piano


piano Up up Disney Pixar movie theme

Pages 4
Duration 02:49
Measures 129
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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amazing. no other way to describe it
good job, keep up the great work!!!
I love it! its amazing, but next time you could not put those end notes so high just have the note but say 1-2 octaves higher, thanks
ante todo buen dia o noches a todos... tengo un gran problema y espero que puedan apoyarme con esta duda: compre una cajita musical programable de 20 notas en china y tardo como mes y medio en llegar ahora trato de pasar mis canciones y perforarlos en las tiras de papel de la caja musical pero no se como pasar de partitura a perforar la tira ya q no se leer partituras... puedo convertir un mp3 a midi y luego a partitura pero de ahi no se como pasarlo a la tira de papel y no encuentro muchos tutoriales en internet.... comienzo a pensar que hice una mala compra :( espero puedan ayudarme o brindarme una pagina de donde pueda sacar canciones ya convertidas a tiras o algo... muchas gracias por sus respuestas
Awwww this sounds R E A L L Y pretty !
There are places in the bass cleff you could've switched to treble on to get rid of ledger lines. Just saying.
and the music has been recreated by someone in growtopia
this is the second song i will self teach myself. my first was called "Je Te Veux," this is called "Married Life," my next will be called "Divorce," and my last will be called "Death"
This is great! I want to laugh and cry at the same time!
Beautiful arrangement! Lovely piece, one of Pixar's best.
I know that it has already been pointed out, but would you possibly consider making another version with the super-ledgers notated with an 8va? Also, you might want to consider adding a poco rit. or rit. near the end where the tempo noticeably slows down. But besides those minuscule additions, this score is downright elegant and wondrous. Thank you so much for your contribution!
Nicely done. Thank you!
Don't get discouraged! This is a tough piece to play, and it took me a while to learn it.
Thank you! And this is the saddest part of any Disney film ever in my view. My piano if going to get very wet...
thanks a lot ashtell for sharing the link. yep its much healthier to use 8va with the high part. this song is really emotional. gotta try to learn this!
Not bad. Actually it is bad. Only jokin :-)))))))
go here for 8va. same music if I compared them right. :D http://www.kevinhabits.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Main-Theme-Disney-Pixars-Up.pdf
They're pretty much the same. But the link seems to be missing the double note thingy that's really weird.
Seriously... I'm fixing this myself... but do 8va please! I don't think it's healthy to read that high. ;)
Well, yes, I think 8va would be more helpful, as well as maybe poco rit. or just rit. near the end. The tempo slows down, but it isn't marked where >_> of course, one could just listen and make modifications to their copy, but I think that the person who made this arrangement should've just added it to prevent misinterpretation~ but nonetheless, it is a very nice score and I look forward to working on it after I am done with my current project :D
I've gotten used to it. 1st on line = A, second on line = C, 3rd on line = E, 4th on line = G.
amen!! doing math on my fingers to figure out what note it is. :D
love this so much and will be playing this!
love it!!! I can cry while I play this... Good job!
Thank you! Someone finally posted a decent version of this song and it is fantastic! Out of all the songs I listen to, "Married Life" makes me almost cry more than anything else.