Inkwell Isle

Uploaded on Oct 10, 2017

A fun, bouncy piece of ragtime from the 2017 hate-generator, Cuphead. The left hand gets pretty jumpy at certain points, but this is possible to play.

While each section has repeats, I chose to write the repeats out as they typically had some type of variation, such as being an octave off, or having the left-hand "boom"s be an octave lower.

I wrote this instead of facing Honeycomb Herald again.

Inkwell Isle Cuphead Video Games Ragtime Mugman Rag Medium Difficulty Inkwell Isle One

Pages 5
Duration 03:01
Measures 136
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Hey great transcription I just had problems sighreading it because it looks a bit messy :P So I hope you don't mind me uploading a cleaned version: https://musescore.com/trampeltier/cuphead---inkwell-isle---piano-solo
I second cleaning up the enharmonic spellings of the first 3 bars to use flats and naturals instead of sharps. Write them as if they're in B flat major but you're stuck using a G major key signature. They sound like they're in B flat major, anyway.
Again, great arrangement - did you manage to get a playable version up? Anyone? My son is obsessed with cupheads and wants me to play/teach him the melodies but my dodgy sight reading would be improved with enharmonic shifts/fewer rests etc Ta.
I likely won't put one together myself, but it seems like others may do some tweaking to this score to make it easier on the eyes. So keep a lookout! One thing to note is that the left hand in this song gets pretty ridiculous, spanning almost half of the piano in 8th note intervals. The "Tutorial" song might be the best place to start; it's a fun, bouncy, cakewalk-y waltz.
Hello, can I use your sheet to improve it, to make it more "readable", then to post it on my own account, crediting you of course? (like, I post it on my account, and in the description I add a link to you score?) By the way, very cool arrangement!
You're absolutely welcome to make this more readable (I honestly rushed this out as soon as it sounded good without much proofreading.) Thanks!
This is awesome! I'd really like to make this a string quintet for my orchestra. Can I do that? I would credit you for transcribing it if you allow me to.
I love this arrangement so much I did a cover of it! https://youtu.be/LswjRq0nXE8 Fantastic work!
That's awesome! Sorry for all the 16ths in the left, I expect most people to just listen to it and not read it. You play very well, I look forward to your next video!
Oh wow! Oh thank you so much! I remember hearing your arrangement for the first time and thinking: "Oh this sounds amazing! I'd love to play this! Wait, does that left hand jump half the piano? Is that even possible!?!? Mmm... Maybe....?" Either way, it's such an honor to recieve kudos from the arrangement creator himself, and I'd be very happy to cover any VGM arrangements you make in the future ^^
Great transcription! It's in the right time and very faithful to the original! However, there are a few places where the enharmonic spellings need to be fixed, most notably in the first measure (it should read: D F♮E♭G G D F♮B♭ ). Also, all of the sixteenth rests in the left hand part are an eyesore, especially when sight-reading. If you place staccato markings on the LH chords, we pianists will get the idea without placing those rests. Again, great job, but its begging to be proofread.
Thanks for the feedback, and yeah I'm aware the sheets are...a bit ugly. The 16ths are on purpose, though. I transcribe so it sounds best when played back, as that's all most viewers do. Musescore can make it tough to get the perfect length for a note *and* have it look nice. Trust me, it was a pain to do 16ths instead of 8ths, but listening to the playback I think it paid off.
maybe u can make a new sheet music in which the sixteenth notes turn into eight notes, just for printing and not for listening (just an idea u dont have to do it)