Vaccai - The diatonic scale - A Major

Uploaded on May 8, 2014

In this first Lesson, Signor Vaccai has not grouped the letters of the Italian syllables according to the correct rules of spelling, 
but in such a fashion that the pupil may perceive, at the very first glance, how his voice should dwell on the vowels, 
excusively, to the extreme value of the note or notes they influence, and how, with a swift and immediate articulation of the 
consonants he should attack the following syllable. This will greately facilitate him in acquiring what the Italians call 
Canto legato. Though, of course, we need hardly say that here the teacher's example and oral explanation is better than all 
written precept.

Original lyrics by Pietro Antonio Domenico Bonaventura Trapassi = Pietro Metastasio (1698-1782):
Manca sollecita più dell'usato, anchorchè s'agiti con lieve fiato, face che palpita presso al morir.

English translation:
The spark wich the gentle wind fanned into a flame, moving to the slightest breath of air, is extinguished by the gale.

French translation:
Il s'éteint insensiblement et plus vite qu'on ne le pense, quoiqu'agitlé par un léger zéphyr, le flambeau vacillant près de mourir.

German translation:
Schützt man die Flamme nicht, ach, eh man's dachte, löscht leicht der Wind das Licht, das er entfachte: Brich denn, du armselig Herz, stumm vor Schmerz!

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