Implicit Demand For Proof

Uploaded on Feb 8, 2014

twenty one pilots tyler joseph josh dun implicit demand for proof

Pages 4
Duration 06:12
Measures 96
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names
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License None (All rights reserved)
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If the tempo was changed to 3/4 it would be at the correct speed. You would just have to re arrange some of the notes to put them in properly
For those saying the tempo is too slow, I put the playback speed at 140% and it seemed to sound right; just adjust when you're playing.
It's really good, I like this song, but it's too slow.
Nice transcription. A few technical issues need to be addressed to make it easier to read and play. In measures 31, 32, 36, 40 and other similar places, put a G# only on the first chord. Remember that an accidental applies to the entire measure, not to just one note. Measure 47 has the left hand and right hand clashing with each other. A simple fix would be to remove the top note of the left hand. The last chord of measure 48 is not playable in the left hand. Add an E to the right-hand chord, and delete the top two notes of the left hand.
wow, i could not have it done better :D
i'm surprised
AMAZIIIIIIIIIIIING, gonna mash accordion all day after printing these notes... Thanks a lot for score ! ^^
With practice, i would say so. Since it has a blank key signature.
The tempo in the song is at 160 bpm if anyone needed to know. <3
i love this but i think it may be a little too slow. it also sounds like the long notes aren't held out. thats probably just a glitch or a flaw in musescore because you wrote it correctly. Just trying to help :)
i just screenshot itand then print. hope this helps ma fren :))
In the part where the chords rolls in, I have trouble with the A note in the key of G (right hand) and the A note in the key of F (left hand) they are the same note. How do I play it? Please help!
Play the left hand an octave lower
how do I learn out to play two different rhythms at the same time? i love this song but I'm having trouble.
First, I would suggest practising playing only right hand or left hand one at a time. Then, when you figure out the parts for both right and left, play them together, but slower than the original tempo to get used to the contrasting rhythms.
Thank you! I've been doing that and slowly getting better
Vallerie, do you mean the different rhythms in the left vs the right hand?
finally one without the singing part in it! thanks so much!
only pianists would freak out about this amazing!
I have been playing this on the piano 3 hours straight
Thank you so much! This arrangement is perfect
Since I like this arrangement so much, can I use it in a twenty one pilots medley I'm creating?
I absolutely love playing this on the piano. Great arrangement--you should add lyrics!
My favorite song to play on piano. Ever. Not even kidding, the positions are etched into my mind from playing it over and over again.
This is great! the tempo is a little slow, but the player can easily fix that upon playing! Amazing cover!
nevermind. i had to switch from safari to google chrome. im so excited to play this!! |-/
its not working for me... anyone else having this problem?
Plz don't say "H*ck", I find it very offensive