Pirates of The Caribbean Medley

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Uploaded on Sep 22, 2015

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The Black Pearl Pirates of The Caribbean Medley The Blood Ritual and Moonlight Serenade He's a Pirate Up is Down One Day Drink Me Up Hearties

Pages 17
Duration 14:23
Measures 538
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial
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I favorited this mostly because of the length. 500+ measures? Wow... excellent arrangement, however!
I've learned this all the way to measure 350. The hardest part is definitely measures 338-350. I can't even perfect that. But looking at the pages after, that looks easy compared to measures 506-527
Are you challenging Beethoven XD anyways nice freakin job comrade
NICE! I play this medley in my flute :D
Isn't this Kyle Landry's version? Or it's very similar.
I am learn this song. Isn't very hard ( ;
you forgot to copy the P in please
Amazing! I loved this so much, thx for posting this!!
Can anyone tell me how to play the three bar lines in measure 297 and 314? I'm still having a lot of trouble understanding what they are.
Also, you could just, y'know... listen to the score...
Those are called Tremolos. Its like a trill but instead of going to the next note in the scale, you start with the bottom note and trill to the top note. 1 line is slow, 2 lines is medium, 3 lines is fast, 4 lines is really fast. So basically just trill between those notes.
Oh, thank you very much I get it now. Thanks again help was much appreciated.
I'm playing this medley at my band concert as a solo!!
It's awesome! I wanna learn it right now!
This is my one of my favorites !!!
Génial ! , juste une petite question, combien de temps cela vous a pris ?
You know whats an awesome version of this song, try Jarrod Radnich, I learned it and its the most epic song ever.
measures 17 & 18 have some wrong notes, if you're trying to copy Kyle Landry. Also, i agree with bigwow319; you should give credit where credit is due.
i came here just for he's a pirate but great arrangement!
Yo dude you have to credit Kyle Landry. I mean I guess you did a good job transcribing it but everyone here thinks you arranged it. Come on man. Have some integrity
very very very difficult and cool l
An excellent sheet for an incredible piece of art (or a collection of)!!!
Melhor arranjo musical que eu já ouvi do tema do filme Piratas do Caribe. Fantástico! Vale a pena ouvir e baixar!
Great job!!! How long did it take you to compose it?
And I have some classmates (a trombone player, to be exact... -_-...) who bragged about how hard it is to play the trombone was and how easy the piano is...
Yikes, this is going to take a while for me to learn, but it'll all be worth it!
Amazing, learnt it. Whenever i see a piano. i play this and everyone goes nuts. Thanks (could you make some kind of a tenor sax accompaniment?)

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