Pirates of The Caribbean Medley

Uploaded on Sep 22, 2015

Re-up because copyright issue

The Black Pearl Pirates of The Caribbean Medley The Blood Ritual and Moonlight Serenade He's a Pirate Up is Down One Day Drink Me Up Hearties

Pages 17
Duration 14:23
Measures 538
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial
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amazing and absolutely intriguing song
Thank you so much. but I am not sure that I can play it.
it's very very awesome, but it's very very very very very HARD!!!!
Hmmm, quite long.......... Sounds Excellent though!
Hi. This is so insane and hard and beautiful but too long. 17 pages 538 measures???? But really good work 👌👌👍👍👍👍👏👏
The real arrangement is by some boi called Kyle Landry I think, so don't fool yourself
Not talking about the original piece, just saying that this guy is just re-uploading Kyle's piece
where did the 3 come from??? (measure 10-12)
This is insane for me and I learned year and a half fast
Very good and hard😲😲😲😂👏👏👍👏😀
I still like, your a pirate better...
Just go to He's a Pirate in the song (measure 111 and 393)
\r\nI'm not buying this. Guess I'll be waiting for the 'bad luck' to hit me.","access":{"can_edit":false,"can_delete":false},"is_liked":0,"is_spam":false,"actions":{"reply":{"title":"Reply","url":"\/user\/login?destination\/user\/1699036\/scores\/1225766#comment-5071965"}},"annotation":null}'>
Okay, so how does this work if your crush, let's say, lives on the other side of the world or has moved to a different location far away from where you live?
I'm not buying this. Guess I'll be waiting for the 'bad luck' to hit me.
I love this song!!!that is amazing!! How did you do that??😀❤️
He copied Kyle Landry. (And that's how he did it)
For some reason, I find this very, VERY hard to believe.
Same here... I really am sick of seeing this.
Although something really weird happened about 5 days after I read this, which is about the time listed, and it was really, really bad luck, which almost makes me curious about this...
Probably a weird occurrence... I don't believe it.
I normally wouldn't think much about it, but it caught my attention. Either way, it doesn't matter now. What was lost is now found.
I gotta say. . . Kyle Landry is pretty decent at piano
He arranged this piece. Also, you should watch his youtube video on this piece when he was in Singapore.
For some reason, I find this very, VERY hard to believe.
Odd, right? What if this is just some random text on a web page. Hmmmm. JazzleMcFrazzle said it though so it must be true!
Well, this is a bit awkward...
This comment was supposed to me a couple of comments up, on WeeWooButton's comment...
And when I first posted it, that is where it showed it. Sorry about this...
Same for me. When I replied to your comment it was on WeeWooButton's
You had some note mistakes, but very good medley!
At 351 it should be Drink Up Me Hearties (Not Drink Me Up Hearties)
Oh yeah. I love these super long pieces! Great compositing btw.
One word: Practice.
Just lots and lots of practice.