Pirates of The Caribbean Medley

Uploaded on Sep 22, 2015

Re-up because copyright issue

The Black Pearl Pirates of The Caribbean Medley The Blood Ritual and Moonlight Serenade He's a Pirate Up is Down One Day Drink Me Up Hearties

Pages 17
Duration 14:23
Measures 538
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial
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I'm playing this medley at my band concert as a solo!!
Perhaps just play half of it because it's 17 minutes long!
It's awesome! I wanna learn it right now!
This is my one of my favorites !!!
Génial ! , juste une petite question, combien de temps cela vous a pris ?
il a probablement fallu un mois ou deux pour faire
You know whats an awesome version of this song, try Jarrod Radnich, I learned it and its the most epic song ever.
measures 17 & 18 have some wrong notes, if you're trying to copy Kyle Landry. Also, i agree with bigwow319; you should give credit where credit is due.
i came here just for he's a pirate but great arrangement!
Yo dude you have to credit Kyle Landry. I mean I guess you did a good job transcribing it but everyone here thinks you arranged it. Come on man. Have some integrity
very very very difficult and cool l
An excellent sheet for an incredible piece of art (or a collection of)!!!
Melhor arranjo musical que eu já ouvi do tema do filme Piratas do Caribe. Fantástico! Vale a pena ouvir e baixar!
Great job!!! How long did it take you to compose it?
And I have some classmates (a trombone player, to be exact... -_-...) who bragged about how hard it is to play the trombone was and how easy the piano is...
Not true! Piano can be very difficult as well! Trombone can be hard true, but so is piano. Trombone takes some muscle memory to remember where the notes are exactly. Just like piano. And it's much harder! Because you're playing with BOTH hands. It's not easy to have one hand doing one thing and the other hand another. It takes a lot of practice to be able to accomplish that. I'd like to see him/her try and learn piano that quick, if it's so easy!
And that is almost exactly what I told him. If he wants to brag more still, I'll just have to play this and tell him to beat it. And I don't think he can say no to a challenge.
Yikes, this is going to take a while for me to learn, but it'll all be worth it!
Amazing, learnt it. Whenever i see a piano. i play this and everyone goes nuts. Thanks (could you make some kind of a tenor sax accompaniment?)
Saxophones, UNITE!!!!! (Tenor along with the alto, and I guess we could include the bari...)
I would get it if my dad wouldn't yell at me for using too much printer paper... XD Love it!
Meggggga Harrrrrddddd hardest music eveeeeeeeer (for me)
I don't think anyone would sit down and learn it exactly as it is. I'm using it as a guide simplify it a bit and change it to my taste
This is great, makes me wish I played piano, unfortunately, I'm a lousy alto sax player.
alto sax's are lit, also piano I am learning this song it is hard but awesome
Alto, tenor, piano, and a tad bit of violin... Not trying to brag, just saw people listing what instruments they played and figured I would join in.
I specialize in harmonica, kazoo, tambourine, slide whistle, and piano.
I’m an alto and bari sax plus a pianist sax is awesome >_<
P.S. I have played saxophones (tossing tenor and alto together here) for many years, and alto isn't normally thought of as a solo instrument like a piano, but in a band, the saxophones, alto especially, can make or break a song. If there aren't any altos, the song can (and often will) go to hell in a handbasket. Just trust me on this on.
Just don't forget to credit Kyle Landry, for this medley is the one he posted in his channel in 2008 and Marioverehrer, who originally transcribed Kyle's medley into score. Anyway, good job transcribing it into Musescore, is a hella long piece ;)