Pirates of The Caribbean Medley

Uploaded on Sep 22, 2015

Re-up because copyright issue

The Black Pearl Pirates of The Caribbean Medley The Blood Ritual and Moonlight Serenade He's a Pirate Up is Down One Day Drink Me Up Hearties

Pages 17
Duration 14:23
Measures 538
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial
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I really love it super nice some notes are a bit off though and its really long but Overall its awesome
wow, sounds just like the actual thing and I mean that in a good way
Wow!! That's odd that I haven't seen this yet lol. Excellent work! And I thought that my medley had a lot of likes/views hahahaha.
This guy copied your work: https://musescore.com/user/3025881/scores/1456866
YOU ARE A GOD!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
I’ve learned a section of this and it’s AMAZING
I completed this serious piece of musical excellency
So basically im trying to find all different arrangements of poc on musescore and combining them into an epic orchestral version of poc. Do you mind if I borrow some of your music?
it's really good, but you forgot Jack Sparrow's Theme (oops i mean CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow's Theme)
You're awesome! I'm definitely going to learn this now!
Awesome! Great for me to sight read over break.
It might take me a year to complete this song, considering I'm only at grade 5/6/7 level.
heck wow this is really good, id be dead before i learn all this though
after playing this about five billion times, listening to it is reeeeealllly boring..... can anyone relate?
I think that's what makes Pirates of the Caribbean so good...its so boring but with everything involved in it it makes for a great movie and soundtrack...the soundtrack almost comes alive as you are playing this and I feel that way with this piece...the movie almost comes alive I can picture the whole movie just by listening to this piece!
Impressive. Better than I can make anyway.
Few errors here and there but overall a pretty good arrangement.
Can someone comment the letters since I can't read sheet music🙊
what grade r u and you could buy a theory book for $15 and that could could teach you
I think it would be easier to learn how to read sheet music than for someone to put down all the notes.
Welp that's the next two weeks sorted.... I absolutely love pirates of the Caribbean I blame my older sister lol anyway what I want to know is HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE YOU!? ITS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT! It's only a tad long tho ;P
great music.Iwill take a piano.I want to learn this.
it's good overall but sounds rushed, honestly some parts just don't sound right
you could always change it plus this is a different version there are many out there so if this is not your intrest i would recommend Kyle Landry
does anyone know which movie 'up is down' is in?
Up is Down is from At World's End, the third one
Hew ded yee not knoweth (⊙^⊙)
i hadnt gotten to that part when i posted that. ive seen all the others though. i just bought that one.