Pirates of The Caribbean Medley

Uploaded on Sep 22, 2015

Re-up because copyright issue

The Black Pearl Pirates of The Caribbean Medley The Blood Ritual and Moonlight Serenade He's a Pirate Up is Down One Day Drink Me Up Hearties

Pages 17
Duration 14:23
Measures 538
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial
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Hew ded yee not knoweth (⊙^⊙)
i hadnt gotten to that part when i posted that. ive seen all the others though. i just bought that one.
I like it very much, I'd like to print it out for play but it's not
This sounds amazing! I love this so much! But are the low notes at measure 129 and beyond that playable on a regular piano?
So I actually checked the range both online and on my full piano, and at ~measure 120-130 with all of the low notes, the lowest in the bunch is one note higher than the lowest note possible.
what a good music! what grades can we started to play this song in piano?
The song is pretty varied. Definitely better suited for advanced players. Would probably have to be at least a level 8 player (even though some pages of the song are at an easier level.)
im only grade 5 BUT YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ('-')
its nice but you have some mistakes in 287 its the wrong chord and in 317 it should be pp not p and on 328 its not sound good at all
i am a keyboard learner but i know piano and i dont know about the pedal and i dont have it how to play the left notes fastly
I love the measures around 527!!!! I'm imagining me playing this for a recital XD
Doesn't Kyle Lowry have the exact same medley as you?
yes It's Kyle Landry's arrangement on poc
Is it, I just make mscz file base on it
Thsi is a group of pirates of caribbean songs.
about how long to memorise / learn this song ?
With alot of effort, self-taught or not.. It's possible to learn in 4 months, but that takes alot.
it depends on your own experience and how many hours you play per day ;) maybe only a week, or some months
XD stuff a few months, it's gonna take me a few years! Lol! I'm self taught and I use the internet, like, a lot.....
i just started to learn this... i think this will take a year for me...
I chalenge you to do it in six months! I did it and I'm Twelve
This is gonna be such a chore to learn but imma do it for the Black Pearl.
17 pages. Hmmm. Long. Hard. I don't give a damn. I'm playing this until I die.
I love this so much, I am learning it but my hands are so small
small handy aren't a problem when you want to play piano... if you cant play those notes at the same time, then ignore some or play them with a very short delay....
im tring to play this as well and its hard XD. and i have lessons for this and i can play up to measure 42
i got up to around 83 self taught in 3 months self taught and i'm grade five. What grade are you?
Love love love this compilation. Thank you so much! This has become my new favorite piano piece
I love it. It is perfect. Write more music like this, everyone!
It's very long and I've got hands that are way to small.... but still, I'm going to learn this hole 17 pages long medley... I don't care, I just LOVE the music from Pirates of the Caribbean!
I don't care that it's 17 pages long! I'm playing this thing.
This piece was very helpful. Using it for a talent show!!
There goes my weekend.... :-) Awesome.
I am so excited to learn this song! Thank you!!
is there any simplied version of this? my daughter wants to play but with her technique this version is not possible...