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Shine Through|300 FOLLOWER SPECIAL|Orchestral Arrangements in Description

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I just want to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE that's supported me guys are amazing :D
Thanks to you guys, I've gained confidence in composition that I never would have before...and it's motivated me to push myself to improve. I'm SO excited to have reached 300!!!

Now, onto why this description is so cheesy. Other than having reached 300, yesterday marked the day I had spent exactly one year on musescore. Like daaaaang, time's passed so quickly...

HUGE shout out to all the people that have encouraged me, supported me, been amazing friends, and taken the time to look at, comment on, and favourite my works. You guys made my year :DDD

Also thank you Laughingintherain for being follower #300!!!

Now, about the piece. It's definitely another huge risk I decided to take. I've noticed I tend to use really simple chords over and over again, and thinking about what chords to use wasn't helping much. So this time, I tried NOT to think about chords or theory or anything (I stopped learning theory 6 months ago, so I can't count on that to spoon feed me new chords). I just let my creativity run its own course. To be honest I can't even identify all the chords in here, and I'm pretty sure I broke at least 5 theory rules...if you see them feel free to point them out :P So the not thinking about theory thing has resulted in a kinda weird structure, but overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :D

The soundfont is the akai-Steinway soundfont made by polyphone user Denis. The picture is from

Ethan Toavs has created an AMAZING orchestral version of this piece - it's a MUST-check-out.
And I know he followed me after 300, but he still deserves a HUGE shoutout for being so supportive and creating such a fantastic arrangement of my piece :D

Also be sure to check out BmMusic's fantastic orchestral arrangement of this piece as well! I was very pleased at how he pulled it off.
And shout out to him for being my 10th ever follower on musescore as well :D

Note: If you want to arrange this piece (or any of my compositions), ASK PERMISSION FIRST. You only have permission to proceed after I give you the thumbs up :)


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Gosh, I don't even know how to start this... xD
I know I got a whole bunch from the user recommendation pages for new users with empty dashboards (which the devs took out because some others and I wanted to be followed for our music, and not our activity on the site). So I reached 500 a lot earlier than I'd anticipated (this piece was originally supposed to be my 400 follower special). But regardless...

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!! :DDD It's fantastic knowing there are so many of you who enjoy my music enough to click that "follow" button :DDDDDDDDD
Here's the youtube link to the piece for mobile users:

And for a lot of you who took the time to write lengthy comments filled with constructive feedback...thanks so guys are amazing and helped motivate me to improve. And those of you who decided to let me know I inspired you or my music touched you in any way: you guys couldn't see my reaction since I live hundreds/thousands of kilometers, if not halfway around the world from you. But those comments/emails made my day. It's awesome to open one of your emails or read one of your comments after a long stressful just makes it a lot more bearable :D
Even those of you who don't comment that often - I still appreciate you very much, thank you for listening to my music :D

Here are some people I'd really like to give a HUGE shoutout to:

mnmwert - He was my 25th ever follower on this site, and has commented and given constructive feedback on almost every single one of my compositions since then. He is an amazing composer, and is also a great friend to chat with in RSA (Randomly Screwing Around, one of my groups on musescore)

Cl4rin3t - She was my 39th ever follower on this site, and has also commented on most of my pieces here. She is an amazing friend, having supported me all this way, and even defended me against someone who was trying to insult me on one of my scores (while I decided to stay out of the argument... :/). She is primarily an arranger, though she is starting out with composition (but is already really good).

Celthyan - He was originally my 31st follower (though he unfollowed and refollowed for a joke that I started and became follower #109). He is a FANTASTIC composer; I kid you not he's one of, if not THE best composer on the entire site. He's been very encouraging, having commented on most of my pieces, and is also really fun to chat with. :D

Miscellaneous02 - She has also commented on many of my pieces, and is always one of the early commenters!! She also has synesthesia, and never hesitates to make that part of her show in her music :D

Kenobiingondolin2019 - She has also given me a lot of encouragement, and I always look forward to her comments on each of my pieces!! She's great to chat with in RSA, and kept my time on musescore during spring and summer break much more interesting and fun than it otherwise would have been :D

lizzapie - Like the ones I've already mentioned, she comments very frequently, and always encouraging. She is an excellent person to chat with in RSA (we discovered we're both have INFP personalities...and a whole lot more in common). She is an absolutely AMAZING composer as well :D

Lareinedeslapins - I thought her name was "lareine" until I learned that her name was Fia and then actually figured out her username...xD (fyi "lareinedeslapins" is "the queen of rabbits" in French). But anyways, I really appreciate all her encouraging comments on my pieces; that one she put on Shine Through made me so happy...(thanks Fia!!). She is a really good singer (I checked out her youtube channel) and composer. She writes for mainly choir.

Big Pig - He has commented on many of my pieces, and I really appreciate that. He has a great sense of humour, which is often displayed in conversations in RSA. He is a VERY frequent uploader, somehow having created over 110 scores after only a year on musescore.

SubparTrombonist - He has been very encouraging for the past half year, always commenting on many of my pieces. He was one of the earliest members of RSA, and it has been great seeing him active in the group. He has a great sense of humour, and on top of that he has also taken IB and is the same age as me, which makes him really nice to chat with (Payton, you need to be more active in RSA xDD). His preferred genre of music is Jazz.

And more shoutouts cause musescore doesn't allow descriptions longer than 5000 characters...

Hope you enjoy the piece as well :DDDDDDDDDDDD
The soundfont is the HQ Orchestral soundfont (thanks Cl4rin3t for directing me to it) and the picture is from (thanks Celthyan for showing that site to me)


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Hey guys!! I'm back with another composition :D

For mobile users - you won't be able to listen to the full score without the youtube audio: (the youtube video was posted nearly a week ago so some of you may have already seen this piece)

NOW BEFORE I GET INTO THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS PIECE I'D LIKE TO FEATURE SEVERAL SCORES. This score isn't a follower special or anything, but I don't care :P. I've noticed compositions popping up in several places inspired by me...and dang I don't know what more I could ask for. Thanks so much guys for making those scores - it means a lot to me :D
- Gentle Sunbeams in the Garden by Jakob Altmann ( )
- Bittersweet by Jackie Carson ( )
- Headphones by Mega Leafon ( )
- PARODY on Modern Pop Songs by Romain Gandillet ( )
- Relaxation by NobleEwe (deleted)

Also I'd like to feature some remixes/arrangements of my original compositions :D
- Shine Through arranged by Ethan Toavs ( )
- Shine Through arranged by Bart Maas aka BmMusic ( )
- I Don't Feel Like Coming to School remixed by Skylar Klubnik aka JermUnderEddGame1983 ( )
- 3 Note Song - Rant on Modern Pop remixed by Dustin Gruenewald aka Baromeus ( )

Just keep in mind that if you want to use my music for anything other than personal enjoyment, you must contact me and ask permission first. The people above have all done so, and I appreciate that :D (just to clear things up: those who compose original pieces inspired by me DO NOT have to ask permission, as I do not own any part of their piece and am merely a source of inspiration. HOWEVER, if you use MY WORK in any way, you MUST ask permission)


This is my second try at writing for a small string orchestra and a few other parts (first try was my Heartbeat Song). Holy CRAP it's time consuming...if you can write something for full orchestra in less than a week I now worship you (pointing this at all you geniuses on here who can actually do that) :P

Anyway...the other reason this took so darn long (nearly 2 months :o) was because I slacked off a bit during August, and then school and IB hit, which left very little time for composing. Now those of you who are in the know what it's like (and I don't wanna go off on a rant cause I've already done that enough xD).

ANYWAY...I called this Dawn because of its golden hues for my synesthetic brain :P. New stuff I tried: a new structure that doesn't remotely follow the ABABCB structure I used in most of my other compositions (at least kind of). And string writing, of course (I don't actually know how to properly do this...I just tried following SATB voice leading rules, I guess?). But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :D

Btw I didn't (and won't) upload the full score just so it doesn't get plagiarized. I won't give it out to anyone either under any circumstances. However, I've provided an easy piano reduction for those of you that might want to play it - several of you have asked me to make easier pieces in the past, so here's one :D

And one final announcement: you may have noticed that I crossed 600 followers a while ago, but haven't posted a special. That's cause I'm not going to. I've noticed that I don't have all the time in the world to compose...and the time it takes me to compose at most 2 serious compositions I'm proud of is around the time it takes me to gain 100 followers. And since I always make my follower specials something I'm proud of, it's starting to look like I'm composing only for the followers (which I'm not). From now on, I'll only post a follower special every 250 followers, so the next one will be at 750 :D

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The soundfont is the HQ Orchestral Soundfont v.3
The image is originally from, but I found it on Google Images.

Emerald|Advanced Piano Solo

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LAST SCORE OF 2018!!!!
This was uploaded at 11:42 pm PST on December 31st, 2018 :P (yeah, musescore's upload date is off cause it's synced to a different time zone...)

Anyway I pretty much composed this entire piece today xD Well, except for the first theme, which I kinda sketched out in about 30 mins 3 weeks ago :P But then it's kinda my fault...cause I told myself I was gonna compose one more piano solo before 2019 and then left the whole thing for the 31st :P. Like holy crap I need to take a break after staring at a screen for several hours straight ._.

But yayayayayayay it's done! So I'm happy :D

ALSO: This is a new thing I'm doing - if you manage to play this piece or any of my piano compositions fluently and up to tempo, you can make a youtube video (public or private; just give me the link) and I WILL feature you. :D People will be able to switch to your playing in the audio sources, and I'll give you a shoutout in the description as well :D (whether or not you want your video to be available to everyone is up to you)

Happy new year, guys!! :D

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Soundfont: HQ Orchestral v3.0
Cover picture: My Emerald World from