2017 Compositions

No 12

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Flute(2), Clarinet, Piano
I can't believe I started working on this a whole year ago...it doesn't seem like it was that long ago...
But anyway this is my twelfth piece as of March 2016. Hope you enjoy!

Update July 2018: I wrote the above description in February 2018.
Anyways here's a better description:
This was one of my first times applying diatonic triads the way I'd learned in theory WITHOUT using a repeating chord progression throughout the entire piece (yes, I know my earlier compositions also used them, but those chords were later added. They originally only used the chords I, IV, and V). Pretty much the bulk of my first year of composing consisted of only I, IV, and V (I've been composing for 2 years now) :P This piece was also the first piece in which I attempted a modulation using pivot chords.

I considered this my best piece until I revised my 10th composition (Memories) in May of 2017. This was the first piece I made that, in my opinion, beat Joy of Relief, which I had considered my all-time best composition since August of 2016.

This description is probably really different than it would have been like if I wrote it on the day of its upload :P ...I think I've made a lot of progress since then. :D


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Flute, Piano
My tenth piece as of March 2016, also known as simply "No.10". I decided to call it memories because part of the melody first came to me in a dream. In the dream, it had lyrics, but almost all of it was gibberish; the only word I could hear was "memories". And when I woke up, I actually remembered the melody, which is really, REALLY rare.

When I started experimenting with it a little, it sounded really boring. I even considered scrapping this piece altogether. Then I was like, "I'm just gonna quickly write down this thing and then move on". However, when I was writing it down, inspiration struck and I spent hours over the course of 3 days revising and adding new stuff. Now, it's one of my favourite pieces out of my compositions.

Update December 2018 - Welp, guess I'm adding one of my old comps to groups again :P It's not my favourite comp anymore cause I've made stuff over the last year and a half that I like more than this xD (but I just wanted to give it a revisit :P)


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Violin, Piano
I have synesthesia, and I associate scale degrees/ notes with colours. Measure 41-44 is my "Rainbow theme", as I associate G with red, F with orange, A with yellow, and so on until E is blue (I don't associate purple with any note). I've also done some experimentation with key change to add more colour to the music (which is appropriate for a piece called Rainbow), as well as experimentation with the form (so the structure is a little weird). This is my 14th piece as of March 2016.

I'd also love to hear what your rainbow theme sounds like!!! If you compose a piece using it, please tag it #SynesthesiaRainbow so we can see what everyone's rainbow themes sound like by clicking on the tag :D

Update - October 2018: well...I honestly don't know what to say lol. Adding this to groups to show people what I did on here a year ago xD. My style's changed quite a bit - I wrote this piece before I started getting into New Age music and TSFH in around November of 2017 :P And I was still learning new theory at this time :o (I finished with theory lessons less than 2 months after this piece's upload)

3 Note Song (Rant on Modern Pop)|Vocaloid Remix in Description

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Note: This song is meant to be humorous and satirical. I have no intention to attack/offend anyone. I hope you get a good laugh out of it, whether you're a pop fan or not :DD

So I've already posted this in several discussions now. Pop songs are generally getting worse. Melodic ranges are narrowing down, and the lyrics are often about inappropriate things. What I really hate is that now, many pop artists are using three note melodies (literally, they just use scale degrees 1, 2, and 3). I tried writing one myself, and the whole melody took under five minutes to compose.

Don't get me wrong. There are SOME good pop songs out there. There are some pop songs out there that are inspiring, meaningful, and very well written. I just wish that the rest could be more like that. Sadly, these songs are becoming rarer and rarer.

So join the Music Revolution!!!! Here's the link

Recently (June 2018), Baromeus (https://musescore.com/user/18701406) put together an amazing vocaloid remix and now it sounds a lot more like a pop song:
He is still updating it, so stay tuned for the finished version!!

Journey through Music|100 FOLLOWER SPECIAL

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Flute, Cello, Piano

A little over a year ago, I was JUST able to convince my parents to let me continue piano by attempting to make some short pieces (so I never even expected to be on musescore). Now I'm on here, composing on a regular basis with the support of 100 of you, and I'm MIND BLOWN :DDDDDD

And shout out to Celthyan for the amazing soundfont! It's great when the piano sound isn't so tinny :DDD. Anyway here's the link to his profile: https://musescore.com/user/2544941

I hope you enjoy this piece. It's probably my best one yet :D I've experimented a bit more with theory, and I've used dissonance for the first time (*gasp* REBECCA Y HAS USED DISSONANCE). If I've used any chord incorrectly or have broken a theory rule, feel free to let me know (I'm still learning so I'm not the best with theory)
Also, I know absolutely nothing about alto flute or cello, so if you're familiar with these instruments, feel free to give some pointers.

Update June 2018: Benjamin Coates ( https://musescore.com/user/164168 ) has made a version for cornet and euphonium in the places of flute and cello. The parts are identical to the flute/cello parts, so there's an option for you if you play one of those instruments and want to play this piece:

Flowers in Spring - Composed in 30 mins

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Flute, Piano
So you've probably never heard of the group "Randomly Screwing Around"...unless you're in it :P
So we're doing a composing competition (ughh...another contest). EXCEPT. The piece has to take 30 mins or less to compose (evil laughter >:D).

So this piece took me 30 mins, and yes I did time it. I know, I'm not a fast composer. But It was a nice stress reliever on a busy weekend :D.

Anyway, if you're interested in "Randomly Screwing Around", you can join it here (https://musescore.com/groups/randomlyscrewingaround). Pretty much it's a group where you can talk about whatever you want and get to know each other.

Finally Free|Piano Solo

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Spent the weekend on this piece, and I feel so happy and freeeee :D I started on Friday night and finished today (Nov. 12); it's probably the fastest I've ever worked...
Still have homework and studying to do but tomorrow's a holiday so yay!!!

It's been a looooooooooonnnnng time since I wrote my last piano solo, and this is probably my first decent one ever.

But hope you enjoy this piece! I came up with one of the melodic fragments when I was bored to death in English class and figured it would come in handy (which it did). Again, I tried to experiment a bit more with theory.

Update (July 10, 2018): Ceascer Hallenkord (https://musescore.com/ceascerhallenkord) has written a beautiful set of lyrics for this piece:

Verse 1. (Start on Measure 2):
I can see the road ahead but I do not see a way forward.
My own thoughts betray my soul my heart how it aches, but I must carry

Chorus 1:
on. I can’t look back. I’ve made up my mind. Today I will walk the
path I’ve paved for me and myself we’ll see how far it goes.

Verse 2.
Don’t want to let go of what I used to know. How I still care for all my memories- soundly pleading “Please, please don’t go, don’t forget us just yet.”
I know where my heart truly is. It is unbound, unchained, Finally Free.

Chorus 2: I can’t look back. I’ve made my decision. Today! I will walk my
path, I’ll be myself, my true self. The one and only me.

(Bridge music <3)

Verse 3. I’m Finally Free. Today!! I can see my life brightening up now for
me! The sky it rains down love for my soul. I can leave all my hardships
behind, because I’m Finally Free!


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Piano, Strings(2)
I can't even believe I've reached 200 followers already...thanks so much to all those who have supported me along this journey :DDD Sorry this was kinda late (at 221 already lol)...so I had that score with the thank you note and mini piece until I could finally upload this one.

Shout out to mnmwert for all the encouragement and feedback along the way, and to Cl4rin3t and Celthyan for being great friends and regular supporters on my scores :DDDDD
mnmwert: https://musescore.com/mnmwert
Cl4rin3t: https://musescore.com/cl4rin3t
Celthyan: https://musescore.com/user/2544941

Thank you Clara Ungerer for being my 1st follower and Origami2 for being #200, and also every single one of you who have shown your support over the last 9 months :D
Clara Ungerer: https://musescore.com/user/2190516
Origami2: https://musescore.com/origami2

Now, about the piece. This is DEFINITELY very different from my other pieces, and it's probably the most I've ever gone out of my comfort zone. For one thing, it's in a minor key (I write almost exclusively in major, so it a lot harder than I expected). Also, I've experimented a bit with the instrumentation; violins and cellos supporting piano, and I gotta be honest here- I don't know how many people are needed to play this. I also experimented with structure a bit and took a more spontaneous approach (I'm trying to break free of the habit of using the same structure every time). Finally, I tried for a more intense/epic-ish feel (usually I write in a more lighthearted style). So, unsurprisingly, I got stuck multiple times...but it was worth it :D
So I hope you enjoy!!

And happy new year, everyone!!! This will be my last score of 2017