[WIP] Blue Devils 2019 - Ghostlight Transcription (Updated 8/12/19!)

Uploaded on Jul 14, 2019

Hello MuseScore DCI community! I have decided to attempt a transcription of the Blue Devils' 2019 show, "Ghostlight"! As I am rather new to this, any and all constructive feedback is welcome!

Other sources used in this transcription:
/will.heeres.56 (MuseScore)
/NivalAdean (YouTube)
T. Heider (SnareScience)

O. Prelude - "I See Everything"
I. Greek & Roman Theatre - "Rhythm Song"
Ia. Zeus!
Ib. What is your quest?
Ic. The prophet speaks!
II. Renaissance Theatre - "Cycle Song"
IIa. Show-off Time!
IIb. To be, or not to be
III. Commedia dell'Arte - "Circus"
IIIa. Vignettes
IIIb. Circus

[7/14/19] First upload; parts O-Ic roughly done
[7/15/19] Parts O-Ic polished; parts II-IIa added
[7/21/19] II-IIa roughly done, clerical fixes inc. updating "scene" titles
[7/23/19] Updated pit parts for trumpet feature (IIa), added rough notes for IIb
[7/28/19] Added prelude, O-IIb roughly done, including battery, front ensemble, and brass for IIb
[8/11/19] (Sorry for the long wait! I've been rather busy the past few weeks) III-IIIb started
[8/12/19] Fleshed out IIIb brass and snare parts

dci drum corps drum corp mdl drumline bluedevils blue devils concord marching ghostlight percussion brass drum bugle corps

Pages 45
Duration 06
Measures 265
Key signature 6 flats
Parts 27
Part names Trumpet(3), French Horn(5), Tuba, Percussion(14), Violin, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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