Give Thanks (with Canon) - Classical Praise *UPDATE*

Uploaded on Mar 21, 2015

SO, I've deleted all my other Classical Praise: Piano & Violin songs /because/, I found real sheet music for them! LifeWay Worship has released the official sheet music for almost every song from the album Classical Praise: Piano & Violin. I am very excited that these sheets have been released. :D There are a few other Classical Praise songs on there too, so check it out! You can find the music here: http://www.lifewayworship.com/findAndBuy/home?findMappable=false&x=0&y=0&searchString=Violin+%26+Piano

So, please, go buy those sheets! My only point for transcribing these was because I couldn't find any music for these lovely arrangements. Now that I found sheet music, I will no longer be sharing my transcriptions since they are no longer needed. ;) However, I may still keep working on other Classical Praise songs that, as of now, do not have sheet music. So, keep an eye out!

I do not have permissions or ownership of this song, so if anyone would like it to be removed, I will remove it. This song was not written by me, but I wrote out this sheet music all by ear from listening to the CD.

Classical Praise Violin Piano Hymn Arrangment Hymn Arrangment Phillip Keveren David Angell Transcription Pachelbel Canon Henry Smith Give Thanks Intermediate Piano Advanced Violin

Pages 4
Duration 04:18
Measures 61
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 2
Part names Violin, Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Creative Commons copyright waiver
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Wow, never thought they go well together. This is one of my new favorite medleys. God bless you with your musical talent.
i composed many songs on the Magic Piano app. You can search MPComposer16 for my songs.
Thank you so much for this beautiful piece. Do you know where I can find scores for As The Deer from Classical Praise Volume 3: Piano & Cello by
Phillip Keveren?
Awesome! Great job I have to give you credit.
Is the sheet music for Draw Me Close to You by Phillip and David available?
It's from Vol. 3
i played part of this on my violin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2WG_l08Xig
Nice! This music is beautiful. May God bless you!
thank you for this sheet.God bless you more
Thanks !
I'm looking for piano & cello, do you know if there is some, somewhere ? (example : above all)
Thanks a lot. Was gonna work on this and needed the sheet music. Came to the right place.
thanks!! I like it very much. Do you have any other piece from the album? (I´m tryin to write this song A Mighty Fortress Is Our God)
Thank you. Yes, you can purchase sheet music for almost all the songs from the album here: http://www.lifewayworship.com/findAndBuy/home?findMappable=false&x=0&y=0&searchString=Violin+%26+Piano . Since they are available for purchase, I'm no longer working on writing my own sheet music for them. So go support the original composer and buy the sheets. ;)
thank you so much! May God bless u more!!!
You're very welcome. =) Thank you. :D
i am sooo happy that i found the sheet music! thank you so much you did a great job!!!!!
Aww, thank you! I'm glad I can be of service. =D
is it possible to just download the piano mp3 for this? I love this song and i would like to play it at church.
Yes, I can send you the audio, if you just want to message me through Musescore. (https://musescore.com/user/1784461 Click "Send a Message") It will just be the midi piano Musescore uses, so it won't sound super real, but it's about the best I can do. ;)
This is excellent! I have been trying to find sheet music for this since I heard it. You have done a wonderful job!
I would love to what you can do with "Be Thou My Vision" from that album. ;)
Thank you very much! I'm glad other people have done the same sheet music searches I have done before I decided to write my own. :P And thanks for the suggestion! I'm just about finished transcribing Ancient Words from that album, and needed another song to start transcribing. I may just do Be Thou My Vision, so keep an eye out!
Thank you! We are waiting for the Ancient Word. Btw, do you have Awesome God on that album? Thanks!
This comment has been deleted.