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Tags: alto sax
Genre: Film

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derekcb004's picture

Always liked this song as a whole, and this is a great transcription.

death by everything's picture

how do you print the sheet music off this site???? ps. props to the creator for doing this

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My name is Cleveland Brown
And I and proud to be
In my old home town
With my new family

There's old friends
And new friends
and even a bear

Threw good times
And bad times
It's true love we share

And now I found a place
Where everyone will know
My happy mustache face
This is the Cleveland Show!

BionicCreeper's picture

most of the fs are marked as sharp but should be natural

Kitseki Ame's picture

★My name is Cleavland Brown and I am proud to say that I am in my hometown with my new family through good times and bad times it true love we share with old friends and new friends and even a bear my name is Cleavland Brown and im proud to see my happy mustache face this is the Cleveland Show! ★

FlyingHawaiian5a's picture

Can you make this for Euphonium, TC?

daniel.agramonte.338's picture

If you have musescore (if you don't already) you can just transcribe it for euphonium TC (after downloading this music) by finding the create instruments bar. Click on it and find Euphonium, since I play in bass cleff I'm not sure but I think you can change to treble right there but if you can't then just stick one in. There are more detailed things that tell you how to to do this kind of stuff in Musescore but once you get the hang of it its really easy.

PS. I didn't check to see what instrument this was in but you're probably going to have to transpose it down (which is also really easy to do), I would suggest transposing down a perfect octave in case you ever plan to play it with someone else but if not then just do what's comfortable for you. Oh yeah and transposing by interval what I find is best when you're transcribing from other instruments (quick run down on music theory: transposing by any "major" interval is like going up or down on a major scale. So transposing a perfect 5th from an concert F will take you to a C)
sorry if I said anything I said is wrong

GsG960's picture

The Score says four sharps and The Info says 1. What is it? Also very nice i look forward to playing it.

GsG960's picture

Never Mind its 4 Sharps

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Uploaded Apr 7, 2012
Pages 1
Duration 0:26
Measures 13
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names
  • Alto Saxophone
License All rights reserved
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