All Of Me

Uploaded on Aug 20, 2017

#John Legend #All Of Me #Piano

Pages 6
Duration 04:48
Measures 140
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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the starting notes are kinda like don't let me down
Great job!!!! I love the harmonies you put in there. I love this song so much. I agree with 2026leedaniel1. Other than that it's beautiful. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!1
I think you just need to learn chords or something and then you're all set to go!
I love this song.. I just don't know how to download it...
Thanks for posting. Fyi, everywhere when the lyrics are "you're" in the original you have "your" (e.g., "Your crazy", "Even when your crying your beautiful", "Your my end and my beginning", "Your my downfall", "Your my muse"). You may consider this to be a space-saver, but it's confusing because they are different words altogether.
Got the first few pages done and still love it I listen to it all the time
Soooooo good! I’m gonna start learning piano if there is a chance I could get this good!
I've started playing and can't stop :D
This is great on so many levels. Congrats!!!
yay a pop song that is actually good for the piano and written out in a playable way
Love this could you please do starships by nicki minaj?
Thank you and now thanks to you I have this song to play at my piano concert.
The piece is absolutely amazing. I love it so much. I’m gonna start learning this soon.
noice job gonna start learning this shouldn't be too hard :D
Wow. I absolutely love this. You did great!!!