Master of Puppets

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Uploaded on Jan 16, 2017

Written by Metallica in 1986. All credit to respective parties. I just arranged it.
Arrangement for guitars, bass, drums and vocals(violin). Now updated to sound moderately better (because I cheated and actually looked at the guitar tabs for the interlude instead of doing them by ear).

Master of Puppets Metallica

Pages 48
Duration 07:55
Measures 304
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 5
Part names Violin, Guitar(2), Bass, Percussion
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I've been looking for something like this. Thanks! :)
It is fuc*ing amazing! Be my master, please ;)
Thanks! (My safety word is "Pancakes" XD )
I can't tell for sure, but it sounds like both rhythm guitar parts are aligned in the middle. You might already know this, but if you go to the mixer in the "view" menu, you can pan the instruments to the left and right, and you can also change them to be distorted. Amazing transcription by the way.
Yeah, they are. I made this when I was still new to MuseScore, so I didn't know about panning and changing. I've been starting to do more with it though, so I might update it again once I'm more comfortable with it. And thanks! Glad you like it
This is really good ! To use the violin for voices is really cool :) It is a bit too easy to play for a single player though, so I will mix things a bit, inspired by Apocalyptica, but you gave me an excellent basis ! Thanks a lot
Glad to hear you liked it! Apocalyptica is def one of my favourite bands, so best of luck with your version.