03The Scent of Rain ms2

Uploaded on Jan 7, 2014


Pages 2
Duration 01:09
Measures 34
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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One of your good old pieces of music where dissonance is used in a creative and energetic way. Congrats!
Favourite piece by you, love it. :)
You never disappoint, this is a marvellous piece of music and beautifully interpreted.
I really enjoyed Anna's performance of this lovely little piece. So full of changing light and shade. The harmonies are very reminiscent of 1940s jazz, I don't usually like modern "music", but the romantic, jazzy feel was very acceptable. If there is any criticism, it would be that the piano requires to be voiced properly, it was a bit too hard. Properly voiced, the pianist could have done much more with tone colouring. I feel I have a right to say this because I have been a professional tuner/technician for more than 60 years, and I have tuned for the BBC, Ulster Television, for film, concerts and recording sessions in top professional studios. At 85, I still prepare pianos for some of the greatest musicians and entertainers. I hope you will consider my remarks about voicing, but it has to be done judiciously, too much will result in a "woolly" sound - (not nice!) It just needs the "edge" taken off it. The sound level of each note should be consistent from the lowest to the highest, This allows the pianist to judge any change in finger pressure, when they feel it is appropriate for the purpose of interpretation, and the piano will respond to the demands placed upon it. This rapport between soloist and instrument is not possible if there is no consistency from note to note. Does that make sense? Makes a huge difference to the performance. I will look forward to more videos of Anna playing your works, perhaps when the piano has been voiced? Best wishes, Bernard.
Thank you so much, that's an interesting comment. I haven't noticed the condition of the piano. My ears aren't trained for it, and maybe I'm too happy with Anna's performance.
Ravel, is that you?
Awesome piece, congratulations.
This is so beautiful!!
Congrats on MOTM :D
very nice! i found my way here via your MSer-of-the-month announcement. congratulations! (fav button seems to be broken at the moment... strange... i'll have to come back again.)
button works again... there we go.
I listened three times to Anna Sutyagina's performance. Such beautiful interpretation. I hope she'll play more of your music!
Yes, I'm very happy with Anna's performance.
Can you play this? I am going to try a little. Harmonic cadences georgeous! I can't tell when composers are experimenting with the scoring software or using the software to chart experiments! Either way love the shifting rolling feel here.
I can't play it right now. That is to say, it is meant to be played, but I never gave it a serious try. Nevertheless, a performance is prepared by Moving Classics TV.
i see da flowers . if there is rain they must be wet but i see flowers more in this piece than many pieces that are called flowers or autumn leaves and such . i go steal a heavenly much from this . I see the tonal characteristics of your sound ever clearer ever clearer & -
All your scores are amazing and this is absolutely no exception please join my group!
love the wild and free jazzy feel of this piece, delightful and wonderfully flowing, terrific work.

I love this piece it shows that beauty has not been caged by consonance. It does very well and seems to have its own life. I t could repeat and repeat and it would only be it self . It would never bore me.
i love this piece Hans - so bright - great way of playing also - -
I didn't sense the dissonance, it was so smooth. I really like it.
What a talent! I adore your style!
Awesome! I love this! It feels so rainy--not like a thunderstorm, either, as I would if I tried to write like this. It feels like a beautiful warm rain shower.
It's funny now that I've heard all your posts I feel the jazz harmonies.Lightness.People never mention dissonance when they talk about some types of jazz.Some of your organ works however feel a heft of late romantic church music -heavy to me - like they have the weight of religious music behind them a good heaviness like Bruckner using 11th and 13ths which he never does.
With regard to harmony. I think I was influenced by Bach (very daring but also pragmatic solutions with regard to dissonance and texture), Wagner (dissonance as some sort of psychological state) and certain practices I inherited from Dutch church musicians/organists of the sixties & seventies (also pragmatic and somewhat jazzy like, comparable with some of the chapters of Presichetti’s textbook on 20th Cent. Harmony). I don’t think that my sense of harmonies are different for organ or piano. But they are very different instruments. The piano has more pathos (I don’t play it well). The organ has more distance.
I love it ! even more than your obvious learning is your individual taste.This reminded me of Szymanowski's piano music in that his rhythms are unusual but it sounds nothing like him.What a gift and what a pleasure to hear your work.What a feast if you had 10 pieces here.I want to hear you in a larger form!Wow.You should be very proud of your work!
Thanks for your kind comments. It is only a privilege that I can contribute to a global community in this way.
Great piece with a lot of cromatismes and dissonances.
I have no problem with it. I just 'drag-and-drop' it from the lines palette, double click on the line, and change the lenght of the line with shift + ->. It works without further modification. See also:
This is great! Lots of dissonance. Moves quickly and has a raindrop effect to it. Well done!