Towards Habanera

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Uploaded on Feb 4, 2017

For the first two piece I worked with with tiny sketches, with a certain design of tonality, a a certain sense of prosody (arsis, thesis), and with enough motives and chords to elaborate on.

The next stage is elaboration, adding phrases, etc.. It's my experience that - when I have composed three or four of such pieces - they can easily be combined into a set or cycle.


Pages 6
Duration 05:49
Measures 58
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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Thanks, Anna. I hope you are doing well.
This is great. It is thoughtfully structured and creates continuous interest. Well done!
Amazing 3 pieces! I enjoyed so much listening to them. Reminds of contemporary style with the chords and melodies. You are truly an amazing composer!
Fantastic piece of writing! :) Wilt u mijn werk zien? (sorry for my poor Dutch lol!)
That is a correct Dutch sentence. I will look at your work (actually, I already did).
The Habanera is the most easily approachable. The dark overtones are very suggestive. Many congratulations for your elevation to "Musescorer ... ". It's very much deserved.
Thank you so much for your kind comment.
I love this. The third part is a sort of lurching tango, almost as if Jacques Brel took LSD and forgot to write the lyrics. A strange thought that just popped into my head but it does have a sort of dark energy that reminds somehow of Brel.
A nice description, thank you. That's the fun of music, that one can imagine such daring behaviours without actually doing it. It sounds macabre, but it's just a play.
It's melancholy with a very foward moving feel. I love it!
Blimey. What a lovely journey to a darkened dance-hall.
Yes, I had to think of primitive carnival rituals with grisly costumes, or those scenes that I remember from childhood, of drunk men trying to find their way home on winding country roads.
Great harmonies, good use of expression marks.
Thank you, Steve. I'm proud at this set. Boisterous, a desperate sense of provocation, a certain contempt for death, but also sincere beauty in the central section.
Very interesting and collaborative piece. Very well done.
Quite dissonant. Do I detect a tango? Nice work!
very original habanera, i like your harmonies