Cantilène II

Uploaded on Mar 14, 2017

I'm always searching for some 'meta-model', something between the basic skills and the final result. For this reason I've always loved the basso continuo sonatas of Bernardo Pasquini: a set of meta-compositions, so to say, that keep their identity, despite the different working-outs by different keyboard players.

For this piece I worked with with tiny sketches, with a certain design of tonality, a a certain sense of prosody (arsis, thesis), and with enough motives and chords to elaborate on. While working on it, other 'meta-models' came into my mind: the organ chorales of Franck and Tournemire, (especially the very beautiful no.2 of the Sept Chorals-Poèmes) and the arabesque-type melodies and movements of Debussy.


Pages 2
Duration 03:07
Measures 31
Key signature natural
Parts 3
Part names Oboe, Organ, Bassoon
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License None (All rights reserved)
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I dont know if I should be suprised or scared.
Believe me, that's a comment that I can understand.
Really beautiful composiotion. These harmonies and meditative atmosphere.
Something special but a bit monotone
This is such a special piece. I've been listening to it lately. The freely floating melody, the harmonies, the irregular rhythms and time signatures; still, everything somehow makes sense. Wonderful.
Thank you, so kind of you to say. I'm proud at it, it's about movements that are going around freely, without a particular goal. I used certain techniques to accomplish this effect. These techniques aren't that complicated, and I used them before. But they are not always a succes, it needs some luck and a certain mindset.
It did remind me of late Debussy, like Dead Leaves, rather dry. I think it must be the double reeds.
I suppose so. Actually, this was more ore less the kind of registration I had in mind: