Wearing rue with a difference

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Apr 27, 2018

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Duration 02:41
Measures 24
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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I like that although the music wears a coat of... uhhmm... "verwijde tonaliteit", or pantonality, it actually has classical and surprising turns found in normal music. Well done.
It's also very much a play between minor and major phrases, like a Schubert song.
I'm very sorry that I have removed a comment accidentally, my mistake. Thanks for the comment anyway.
I like this music! Thanks!
But I can't to understand the words «Wearing rue with a difference». What it means?
Thank you. I'm looking at old BBC Shakespeare productions on dvd. The title of the piano piece is taken from Hamlet. It's uttered by a delirious Ophelia, before drowning herself. Rue is a bitter herb. Ophelia talks nonsense, but it is likely that her reference to 'rue' is meant as a symbol of bitter remorse. Google translate learns me that there are expressions in English like: with rue my heart is laden.
Thank you for the answer! Alas, Google doesn't know this word at all... Yandex knows it, but without Shakespeare's context, I couldn't understand the meaning of the phrase. Now everything is clear.
Another one of those pieces with slightly surprising turns. "You'll rue the day that you miss one of Mr Jacobi's pieces", he said, ruefully.
Thank you so much. We learn a lot about the surprising turns of the English language.