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Uploaded on May 8, 2018

Live performance added. About tonality. With this one I wanted to compose an 'easy to play' repetitive diatonic piece, without the complex harmonies of my other music. Yet, in some way it has the same tendencies of my other pieces. Look at the chant, with its pentatonic / myxolidian colours. These caracteristics are somewhat overruled by the other notes, making it an ambiguous aeolian / phrygian (in earlier versions the pedal ended on e, the chant still ends with a 'hanging' e minor chord). And the phrygian semitone step is also an important building block for the complex harmonies of my regular music. (Notice that the first statement of the chant (first bars) is actually incorrect, as if it is reshaped.) I'm not deliberately calculating this. It arises spontaneous and intuitive.


Pages 2
Duration 03:48
Measures 111
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Other Woodwinds
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If you could move the party to the beach you'd have a pelagian pagan plagal cadence. Love it. And not only because it gave me that wordplay.
That's clever, thank you. By the way, this piece will be played in the remonstrant church. And yes, in the 17th century they were accused of pelagianism. And yes, the beach is at a walking distance.
Are these tempo and sound real?
I don't leave the feeling that this is the great dancing around the fire — also a ritual and religious action, but not quite in usual Christian style. :-) Sorry if I said nonsense — I know little of religion and dance.
I added my own recording, to be sure about sound and tempo. It's always good when church music is somewhat pagan. I like the idea of a dance around the bonfire, so I added a picture about a happy crowd.
Oh! What the miracle ideas! If they about dance and religion, I happen to love both!
The music I heard today is heaven against earth, compared to the version I heard before.
(In my opinion, the instrument should be wind or arco, but not plucked or hammered strings...)
This is wonderful Hans. It maintains such an interest throughout the piece. Love the ending! This would be fun to play on organ as well!