Rondo à la Purcell

Uploaded on Feb 27, 2015

I recorded this piece without preparation, so I took some pedal notes one octave lower. I would not do that at a concert. But I like the recording, that's why I leave it for the moment.

JayW arranged it for strings:

piano organ harpsichord Purcell

Pages 2
Duration 03:31
Measures 34
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Perfect sense of taste. Masterful control of voices. Brilliant development. Real delight to hear it and read this score.
Fantastic! I think the accidentals were used in a creative way. Most people think that out-of-key notes sound jarring or bad. You've broken this received idea brilliantly. Also, were the short, dry sounds in the background drawbars clacking? Otherwise, really good, as usual.
Thanks! I think it's the organ bench. I sometimes have to change position when I have to reach the high or low notes on the pedalboard.
This is amazing! I love the technique and the melody, That's just perfect! Melody sounds like Flute, the bass clef reminds me of a PAN Flute for some reason.
Thank you, it's a personal favorite of mine.
Agree about the nice punky twist in bar five and the resolve via jazz voicing in bar 6 Because these uninhibited expressions are a part of your attitude/style (it strikes me) they are always eminently ear bending yet never out of place always within the nature of the piece and its personality Attempts at test tube cross pollinations of the many harmonic genera you introduce to each the other and then finally to your listener could end in monstrosity But when those sensibilities run deep and from the core they merely flow with organic beauty This whole piece so satisfying to hear and nutrifying I must learn this one
Yes, it is about outbalincing the expected and the unexpected. I think this fusion is established by a certain rhythmic flow and the irregularities of certain phrases. And also the estampie-like sturdiness of the cadences. That was the fun part of composing this piece, something like dancing beyond the 3/4 bar lines.
I absolutely love this piece... the way you go to the dominant taking that surprising turn in measure 5!
I've recently come back to Musescore and I found your profile, so I started looking for this piece through all your pieces and I finally found it. I absolutely adore this. I'll be listening a lot to this... Again. The Purcell imitation here is very well crafted. Thank you for this!
Thank you for your kind comment. I always like to play this piece.
This is one of the best pieces on Musescore! I truly LOVE it, Hans. I love the mixing of the voices here, you are awesome! :D The jazzy chords and the lovely and dramatic melody are all of them simply perfect!
Thank you so much. And yes, I'm proud at it.
I'd like to hear your earlier versions and eh -what u call exaggerated or distasteful . Haha . I love what Brahms did with Handel and also his Hadyn St. Antoni variations . I'd say each variation in your purcell could have more and more chromaticism and newer or jazzier harmonies and the rhythms could shrink , elongate and become samba dance . Why not its our music not Purcells .His music is still his . I'm reading terry Teachout 's bio on Louis Armstrong right now and am learning how to read neumes and 10th century church music . Hope to set some latin texts soon . Choral music not sure about voices yet though I play piano for a church choir . My dream is to have all da musics and styles interchanging and playing at the same time . Just me ! hahaha.
Sure, It's all possible. Let's enjoy this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax-7kYRA88Q&list=RDax-7kYRA88Q
I listened several times and kept wondering how much I would love to hear it ona harpsichord with a celesta and marimba and cymbals and drum set in da background . You planted a seed in me. I rarely listen to jazz but now I'm hungering for it .
I liked it a lot. SO much so that I'd like to listen to it again!
I'm very glad you extended it. It is very nice, in my opinion some of your best works.
Thank you. I wanted to extend it, because of the famous rondeau of Purcell. But it took some time. The first sketches were too exaggerated, there is a danger with this kind of pastiches to overdo things.
Thank you, and thanks for the nice arrangement!
brilliant development of a brilliant idea!