Champagne Rag Overture

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Aug 30, 2015

Played by Carlos Márquez: https://soundcloud.com/cmdigital/champgane-rag-overture

Recordings by Carlos Márquez of my piano music: https://soundcloud.com/cmdigital/sets/tuukka-jokilehto

5/13/2018 Improved the playback, cleaned the score somewhat

rag ragtime champagne overture bubble jazz joplin

Pages 10
Duration 05:48
Measures 178
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I got the sheet music on my piano with the audio recording for it.
This is one of my favorites on the site! Sounds like ragtime, challenging like stride piano. Just what I like to hear and see! Props!
Reminds me of Art Tatum with the runs.
Yes, Tatum's been an influence here. Nicely spotted! The (bubbly) runs are there to form a unifying factor between the different sections throughout the piece (and for the pianist to show-off apparently!).
Oh, man. Measure 26 starts the real fun :)
That's where the sextuplets get mixed with the bubbles. :)
Sweet! This is really nice :) Btw, mind checking out the piece I wrote to play in my recital? :)
Hmm... I couldn't find your piece. The link doesn't seem to work.
Thank you! :) Sure, I'll check your piece.
That's how it sounds when Franz Liszt would have known Scott Joplin and they composed a piece together.
Perhaps both of them would turn in their graves if they heard this. :D Thank you!
Did I already say, that I'm trying to learn your piece?
It's really fun and I learn measure 1-25 currently :D
A tip to playing this piece: Most of the time you have to watch the striding left hand so that means you have to learn to play the right hand so that you don't have to look there. Have fun!
I just recently created a ragtime too, you can check it out if you want :D
It's not human. It's only champagne!
Have you thought to orchestrate this? It would be an interesting challenge.
I think it would be too much of a challenge for me. But if you have an idea how it could be orchestrated feel free to try!
It would require some thought. It would be easy to turn it into something bland.
Me: Okay, let's see how far into this I can get.
Me, 3 measures in: OW. HANDCRAMP.
Oh dear, that's bad! Try to relax. You could first try it in Tempo di Old Champagne.
Woah, I love this piece!!! It just has to remind me of Charlie Chaplin and his silent movies, which is a really good thing!! This type of piano music is my absolute favourite!!! Well done!!! And congrats for being Musescorer of the month!!!
congrats for musescorer of the month :) you really deserve it!
A deserved recognition, Mr. "MuseScorer of the month"!