Gymnosolitude No.4 (Version 7/7/2018)

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Jan 17, 2015

Gymnosolitudes: https://musescore.com/user/204621/sets/474236

Luckily no one has asked me yet what a gymnosolitude is. Now I think it's time to try to explain it to myself. I invented the word when I was composing the first gymnosolitude Lonely Dinosaur in Paris. I thought of doing a Satie like piece of a lonely dinosaur walking around and came up with the word and added it to the title as Gymnosolitude No.1 because I instantly thought of doing a second one. I didn't want to call it a Gymnopedie like Satie because the piece was still quite different in many ways to the Satie pieces. A Gymnosolitude is essentially a piece about walking in solitude. Gymnos means naked so it's naked solitude; something one could experience when walking alone with nowhere particular to go; just a walk with your thoughts that may be unconciously influenced by the surroundings. The walk can be in any style, steady or unsteady, but the mood is generally that of happiness, melancholy and sadness. Well, isn't life mostly about walking alone?

gymnosolitude walk wander happy sad melancholy happiness Satie

Pages 3
Duration 03:55
Measures 58
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Thanks Rivergrove. This piece reveals Satie in a new light for me.
You're welcome. Thanks for listening!
Lonely Stroll Through the Poet's Hometown.
thanks for the explanation of gymnosolitude beautiful composition
I Like this Wonderful Piece!! Star Favorite
Yep, it feels like when I'm on a car, and I'm thinking about how beautiful is life.
I never questioned the gymnosolitudes because I thought they were great and I was just some uncultured swine XD Anywho, these four (maybe five soon?) pieces are some of my favorite piano compositions ever! Next to Chopin of course... He is my hero XD I listen to all three (now four) of these every time I get composers block on my piano! :D
Thank you very much! You've made my day! I did wonder a little bit that no one asked about the word but maybe it then means that it isn't that bad a word after all. :D I really like composing gymnosolitudes so I hope there will be a fifth one soon but you never know when the inspiration comes.
I love it! The chords really keep it fresh and interesting throughout.
This is beautifully expressive. However, on the last page, your name is an octave up. :)
Thank you very much! You noticed it. :D I just couldn't make it disappear, for some reason, so I thought of moving it over my name. In any case, it doesn't mean I have high hopes of myself as a composer!
Well, you just keep getting better, in any case. :)
I'll try to do my best. You keep getting better, too. I don't know if I'll get sleep tonight after listening to your "The Tell-Tale Heart" - keep up the good work! :)
some very creative chord changes in there. Very nice job.
Doesn't really sound lonely (not in major)
Thanks for the comment! It isn't really that lonely as there are always your thoughts accompanying you. At least that is what I tried to convey with the music.
I like seeing another of these. :) Nice. Why is there no object of the walking on this one? (no jester dinosaur or mammoth)
Thanks a lot! Well, I ran out of silly names for my pieces. Seriously speaking, I thought of doing a piece about a lonely octopus that would have gone 8/4 but the idea came to nothing. :D
That's a fascinating creation... Your very own music writing style... It's a really beautiful and intriguing idea! It could become a movement of modern classics (an oxymoron - modern classics - I know)!
:D Thank you very much, Glimmer! I'm glad you liked the concept. I really think it's my own way of writing music and I think that many of my earlier piano pieces have gymnosolitudesque qualities in them before I even came up with the word. Maybe a gymnosolitude could be a movement of a neoclassical symphony. :D
This could be beautifully orchestrated...
Thanks, it's a beautiful idea! However, I would first have to learn how to write for an orchestra. Maybe some day... :)
As I am preparing to orchestrate my own violin concerto, could I try to orchestrate this? You would of course be credited.