Piano Pieces for Children

Old Fortress

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For children

(Notice the different clefs: 15mb and 8vb)

Tournament (Turnajaiset)

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For children

(Notice that the left hand is to be played 8vb and also the last note in the right hand)

Hiccup (Hikka)

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For children

(Notice that the note in bar 29 is 8vb in the right hand)

Patrol of the Mice

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For children, also suitable for pianists with small hands.

Edit. 5/2016, changed to Muse 2

Frog Driving a Car

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For children

This piece is an exercise in articulation, coordination of hands and changing tempos. It's the most difficult of my pieces for children so far. To balance the difficulties, the piece uses only five different notes and the hand lays comfortably with the long fingers (2,3,4) on the three black keys (F-sharp, G-sharp and A-sharp) and the short fingers (1,5) on E and C. (Chopin always started his students with a slightly modified version of this hand position, using B in place of C.)

Waltz of the One Handed Ghost (Yksikätisen kummituksen valssi)

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For children

This is a piece for one hand only (left or right). It's a good exercise to practice it with both hands. The piece has only six different notes with the fourth finger in the right hand and the second finger in the left hand playing both the F and F#.

If you're looking for more spooky piano music for children, check out: http://musescore.com/user/204621/sets/542901

Stock Market (Pörssi)

1 part4 pages01:433 years ago467 views
For children

All the notes in both hands are in the scope of the interval fifth so there is no need to move the hands horizontally on the keyboard.

Third Thoughts

1 part1 page00:432 years ago150 views
For children

There will probably be a swinging version of this too.

Chip Stocks

1 part1 page00:249 months ago283 views
For children
Well, I didn't want to call it Chopsticks...

Faraway Places

1 part1 page01:032 months ago111 views
For children. Can be played in two five-finger positions.