Easy Original Music for Piano

Wedding March (In Bb)

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Easy music for piano

Edit 5/2016, changed to Muse2

There is a wonderful interpretation of Wedding March on SoundCloud by Carlos Marquez: https://soundcloud.com/cmdigital/tuukka-jokilehto-wedding-march

Recordings by Carlos Márquez of my piano music: https://soundcloud.com/cmdigital/sets/tuukka-jokilehto

Arrangement for brass quintet: https://musescore.com/user/204621/scores/1112081

The complete "Well Tempered Marriage": https://musescore.com/user/204621/sets/2443556

New! Carlos Márquez plays my Champagne Rag Overture: https://soundcloud.com/cmdigital/champgane-rag-overture

Black & White

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A piece playing with rhythms (3/4 & 6/8) and with ascending and descending basslines.

Edit 16.1.2015: Noticed there was a g clef missing in bar 93 in the left hand. The playback played it as if there was a g clef but it wasn't showed on the score.

Old Fortress

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For children

(Notice the different clefs: 15mb and 8vb)

Secret Agent

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Easy music for piano

Arrangement of this piece to other instruments: https://musescore.com/user/204621/scores/1221226

Originally titled as Spy Duck and intended as another piece for my duck music set for children (https://musescore.com/user/204621/sets/699871) but this one turned out to be quite a strange little piece and it's propably more suited for bigger people's tastes. It still has an easines factor in it - only five notes in the left hand and no need to move the hands a lot - even, though, it might have some rhythmical challenges for the player.


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Easy music for piano

With only five different notes in the right hand and seven in the left, all the notes are in the scope of the fifth interval in both hands


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Easy music for piano

Posh Black Teeth

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When sugar was a very expensive commodity in 17th century England it was a status symbol to have sugar-blackened teeth. I only wonder what are today's "black teeth".