Etude I - "Rauch und Schatten"

Uploaded on May 19, 2018

While preparing the other movements of the sonata I was exploring "new" things with improvisation, this is a good Etude for playing fast staccato notes with the left hand, it seems really fast but technically it's not too difficult to play at speed.The style of the piece is quite different from my usual classical "common practice" style, it usees a loose chromatic tonal language but also "post tonal" passages.

Pages 4
Duration 00:53
Measures 50
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Harpsichord
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License None (All rights reserved)
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This is terrific! Others have mentioned the harmonies -- intriguing and a little enigmatic -- and the piece's churning momentum. Those are aspects that stand out for me as well. The ending is very effective...almost like someone placing a lid on a boiling pot.
Exciting and energetic, great sense of momentum and motion
Uno studio-improvviso armonicamente molto riuscito. Mi piace molto. Trovo che la tua dizione "precipitando" sia, ritmicamente, onomatopeica. Di semplice lettura ma, per un'adeguata resa ritmica, non di facile esecuzione (almeno per me). Ho scritto anch'io qualcosa di similare in passato che ho lasciato a maturare. Mi hai "dato il la" per rimetterlo in opera. I soliti meritati complimenti. Ciao Riccardo.
Grazie Giuseppe, non è sicuramente facile ma potrebbe suonare più difficile di quello che è in realtà...diciamo che tolti alcuni passaggi non serve un grande agilità.
Those augmented harmonies are just fantastic!
I think the Bb's mm. 1-16 should be A#'s, no?
Well, actually in m 11 and similar I was thinking about that chord as an arpeggiation of B flat major with an augmented fifth...so I think that is a correct spelling there, it can also be spelled as you say considering it like a D major with augmented fifth.
I think it's part of F#7-9-13 (F# A# C# E G ....D)/A# dim 7 all around it,
Very fine, impeccable. Could be a cadenza.
Thanks Hans, very glad you liked...as you may know I'm not at all an expert in this "modern" stuff, so I choose to keep it simple and quite short...I'll keep in mind the idea of re-using it as a cadenza for a larger work.

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