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So, I've been inactive lately... No need to panic. I am still living. I just haven't had too many ideas for songs lately, and the ones I have started, I don't know how to finish. And now that schools started, I have even less time. But I guess the fact that I'm updating this Interests thing, shows that I'm trying to get back in to it. Anyways, as for "general interests", I've been getting into mallet instruments. I made another profile devoted solely to percussion stuff, called Mr Cow. So, that's partly where I've been.
Favorite Music
My favorite genre is probably the romantic era. Chopin, Greig, and Debussy are amazing. Right now, I'm learning some different nocturnes and they're all fantastic, plus I'm learning a lot about composing while doing so. I love jazz too. Joplin, Gershwin, and stuff I play in jazz band. some of my favorite songs are Rhapsody in Blue, and an American in paris.
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