Guess the Song: The Legend of Zelda Edition

Uploaded on Feb 12, 2018

I guess I finished this much quicker than I expected! Have fun with this one. While listening, keep in mind that the only game I didn't use music from is Four Swords.

Update: Congratulations to everyone who guessed, as all of them have been correctly identified! Feel free to try it out before looking at the list below though. Let me know how you did! You all are awesome!

Also, here's the fully orchestrated version that took way too long!

Note: #17 is special because it is actually not from a soundtrack, but a remix. The theme should be easy to figure out, but can you also identify the source?

1.) Island in the Sky (Skyward Sword)
2.) Deku Palace (Majora's Mask)
3.) Temple of Time (Twilight Princess)
4.) Lorule Castle (A Link Between Worlds)
5.) Hinox Battle (Breath of the Wild)
6.) Zora's Domain - Day (Breath of the Wild)
7.) Faron Woods (Skyward Sword)
8.) Kaepora Gaebora (Ocarina of Time)
9.) Death Mountain (A Link to the Past)
10.) Outset Island (The Wind Waker)
11.) Lake Hylia (Four Swords Adventures)
12.) Guardian Battle (Breath of the Wild)
13.) Sanctuary (A Link to the Past)
14.) Romance in the Air (Skyward Sword)
15.) Link and his Loftwing (Skyward Sword)
16.) Ganon Battle (A Link to the Past)
17.) Midna’s Lament (ZREO - Twilight Symphony)
18.) Fairy Flying (Ocarina of Time)
19.) Dejected Groose (Skyward Sword)
20.) Title (The Adventure of Link)
21.) Blight Ganon Battle (Breath of the Wild)
22.) Ciela's Parting Words (Phantom Hourglass)
23.) Termina Field (Majora's Mask)
24.) Staff Roll (Twilight Princess)
25.) Rito Village (Breath of the Wild)
26.) Title (Ocarina of Time)
27.) Field (Spirit Tracks)
28.) Hyrule Castle Town (Ocarina of Time)
29.) Grandma (The Wind Waker)
30.) Herd Game (Twilight Princess)
31.) Game Over (The Legend of Zelda)
32.) Parasailing Minigame (Breath of the Wild)
33.) Boss Battle (Tri Force Heroes)
34.) Dark World Dungeon (A Link to the Past)
35.) Lost Woods/Labyrinth (Breath of the Wild)
36.) Hyrule Castle - Outside (Breath of the Wild)
37.) Field - Day (Breath of the Wild)
38.) Requiem of Spirit (Ocarina of Time)
39.) Beedle's Shop Ship (The Wind Waker)
40.) Korok Forest - Day (Breath of the Wild)
41.) Princess Hilda's Theme (A Link Between Worlds)
42.) Lake Hylia (Twilight Princess)
43.) The Sky (Skyward Sword)
44.) Faron Woods (Twilight Princess)
45.) Sage Laruto (The Wind Waker)
46.) Minigame (Ocarina of Time)
47.) Gerudo Town - Day (Breath of the Wild)
48.) Time of the Falling Rain (A Link to the Past)
49.) Lanayru Mining Facility (Skyward Sword)
50.) Credits (Link's Awakening)
51.) Nayru's Song (Oracle of Ages)
52.) Byrne Battle (Spirit Tracks)
53.) Calling the Four Giants (Majora's Mask)
54.) Dungeon (The Legend of Zelda)
55.) Great Fairy Fountain (Breath of the Wild)
56.) Palace of Winds (The Minish Cap)
57.) Elegy of Emptiness (Majora's Mask)
58.) Swamp Palace (A Link Between Worlds)
59.) Ooccoo's Theme (Twilight Princess)
60.) Gohdan Battle (The Wind Waker)
61.) Forest Temple (Ocarina of Time)
62.) Mt. Crenel (The Minish Cap)
63.) Boss Battle (Phantom Hourglass)
64.) Cave (A Link to the Past)
65.) Lanayru Sand Sea (Skyward Sword)
66.) Overworld (Link's Awakening)
67.) Yeta and the Mirror (Twilight Princess)
68.) Tarrey Town - Rito (Breath of the Wild)
69.) Clock Town - Third Day (Majora's Mask)
70.) The Great Palace (The Adventure of Link)
71.) Title Theme (Spirit Tracks)
72.) Boss Battle (Majora's Mask)
73.) Bolero of Fire (Ocarina of Time)
74.) Ravio's Theme (A Link Between Worlds)
75.) Mabe Village (Link's Awakening)
76.) Sonata of Awakening (Majora's Mask)
77.) Troubled Realm (Spirit Tracks)
78.) Temple of Droplets (The Minish Cap)
79.) Hero of the Winds (The Wind Waker)
80.) Cave (Breath of the Wild)
81.) Darknut (Twilight Princess)
82.) Set Sail for Adventure (Phantom Hourglass)
83.) Skyview Temple (Skyward Sword)
84.) Aryll's Theme (The Wind Waker)
85.) Koume & Kotake's Theme (Ocarina of Time)
86.) Horseback Battle (Twilight Princess)
87.) Link's Memories (Breath of the Wild)
88.) Minish Village (The Minish Cap)
89.) Lost Woods (A Link to the Past)
90.) Knight Academy (Skyward Sword)
91.) Molgera Battle (The Wind Waker)
92.) Farewell Hyrule King (The Wind Waker)
93.) Title (A Link to the Past)
94.) Thieves' Hideout (A Link Between Worlds)
95.) Sheik's Theme (Ocarina of Time)
96.) Sacred Grove (Twilight Princess)
97.) Mayor Dotour (Majora's Mask)
98.) Mipha's Theme (Breath of the Wild)
99.) The Great Deku Tree (Ocarina of Time)
100.) Credits (Skyward Sword)

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Duration 23:25
Measures 545
Key signature 2 sharps
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Part names Piano
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92, 93, and 94 are all from a link between worlds i know that
wait no 35 is like when you are sneaking into thee yiga hideout i think
ooh 35 is the memory theme from botw i think
3: One of the dungeons in TP
4: Lorule castle ALBW
8: The owl's theme in OOT
12: Guardian (rip) BOTW
16: Twilight beast in TP (not sure)
17: Either Midna in distress or a song playing in a midna cutscene TP
23: Overworld ALTTP
26: Ocarina of time opening
28: Castle town OOT
30: Goat herding TP
38: One of the songs you play (you howl this in TP but I don't know where the original is from)
42: Lake Hylia TP
44: Faron woods TP
55: Great fairy fountain
59: Ooccoo's theme TP
61: Forest temple OOT
63: Boss theme PH
67: The cutscene before Blizzeta
69: Clock town MM
73: The song that teleports you in the fire temple in OOT
81: Mini-boss theme in TP
82: Phantom hourglass opening and sailing theme
86: Saving Colin and carriage escort in TP
93: Intro with the triforce ALTTP
95: Sheik's theme OOT
96: Sacred grove TP
99: Deku tree speaking OT
12: Guardian Battle (BotW)
23: Over World (NES)
31: Ending (NES)
35: Forest Maze (BotW)
37: Sounds Like Something from (BotW)
40: Korok Forest (BotW)
54: Labyrinth (NES)
68: Sounds Familiar...
80: Cave (BotW)
87: Link's Memories (BotW)
98: Some thing based off Prince Sidon.
am i crazy or is 53 the song to summon the giants in majora's mask just it stops right where the melody begins
3 is the temple of time 4 is lorule castle 5 is the hinox 6 is from skyward sword 9 is a ganons castle from breath of the wild maybe 16 is from twilight princess somewhere maybe death mountain 21 is ganon beast battle 23 is the overworld theme 24 is from twilight princess when u beat the game i think 26 is the cover of ocarina of time 28 is from ocarina of time when ur in a house maybe 30 is from twilight princess when ur in the star catching thing to get the quivers 34 is the cut scene of gannon from twilight princess 35 is the lost woods from botw 36 is the castle from botw 37 is botw background music 38 is the desert song from ocarina of time its the last one but i cant remember the name 39 is the store song from twilight princess 41 is the zora queen theme 42 is lake hylia of tp 44 is the forest theme of tp 47 is the gerudo theme of botw 49 is the temple in the desert with the electricity from skyward sword 55 is the spirits of light in the springs from tp 58 is the temple of darkness from link between worlds 59 is when you find oocoa 64 is the cave theme of link between worlds 68 is when you are building tarrey town 72 is hinox or that big sand fish i think 72 is the bolero of fire 74 is ravios theme 81 is a boss fight from tp 83 i think is the sand ship 86 is when u have to escort the wagon to kakariko village in tp 87 is the memories from botw 89 is the lost woods theme from link between worlds 90 is the indoors theme from skyward sword 92 is the cover song from link between worlds 94 is the dark palace surroundings in link between worlds 95 is when he gets to zelda 96 is losts woods from tp 99 is ganons castle 100 is when you beat the game
7 is from Skyward Sword (I think) Maybe the dormitory theme?
2 is deku palace (MM), 5 is hinox fight (BotW), 6 is Zora's Domain, (OoT/BotW), 9 is something from the dark world in aLttP (Dark Forest/Mountain?), 10 is Outset Island (WW), 12 is death itself (BotW) 21 is either Boarding Vah Ruta, or one of the blights themes (BotW), 23 is either the overworld theme (aLttP) or Termina field (MM), 25 is Rito Village (BotW), 26 is familliar but i cannot say, so is 27, and 29, but 32 is the parasailing minigame (BotW), 35 is the Lost Woods (BotW), 36 is Hyrule Castle (BotW), 37 is the Overworld theme (BotW), 39 is Beedle's Shop (WW), 40 is Korok Forest (BotW), 47 is Gerudo Town (BotW) (Man, alot of BotW in here, not enough WW), 55 is a fairy spring, (from many many many games), 60 is my favorite theme, Gohdan and his sneeze arrows (WW), 61 is a temple from Oot, I think it's the water temple, 68 is Tarrey Town (BotW), 69 is clock town day 3 (MM), 76 is an ocarina song from MM (checked it its the Sonata of Awakening), 80 is a badly arranged Cave theme (BotW), 84 is when you rescue Aryll (WW), 87 is recovering a memory (BotW), OHHHH YEAHHH IT'S CHICKA TIME! 91 is Molgera. No Doubt. (WW) 92 Is, Ummm... Maybe some variation of Hyrule Castle? 98 is Mipha's badly voice acted theme, BotW. And DONE! I'll go proof check.
OK, Mostly right, 9 was Death Mountain (aLttP), I actually didn't know 26 and 27 but I do know Grandma (WW). 53 I should have recognized, And the rest is good. Well that was a fun 1 hour!
i'm 99% sure that 66 is the main field theme from link's awakening
96 is the Sacred Grove from Twilight Princess
32 is the bird-man research from botw. 35 is Lost woods/ labyrinth from botw. 36 is Hyrule Castle also from botw.
5 is Giant monster ( I can't remember its name but it has weapons around its neck) from breath of the wild
Is there a Deku Palace? Just curious...
6 is Zora Domain in Breath of the WIld. 10 is Outset Island from Windwaker. idk man
3 is Temple of Time from Twilight Princess
This challenge is so fun ! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that ! Also, I wanted to say that you write the sheet musics so well !! I felt many emotions while listening to every single piece ;w;
(I'm also happy because I know almost every music of this challenge haha, nice work !)
Actually... I didn't arrange any of it, I borrowed it all from ninsheetmusic.org and here on musescore
Oh looool, well, it doesn't change the fact that this is a good challenge I guess :')
7 is the forest in skyward sword 12 is the last thing you hear before you die.A guardian.
Don't burn to death, that would be tragic
I think that was the last one! Awesome job!
22 is calm and hope or our children taken from TP
Sorry no, and surprisingly not the first time I've heard that guess before though
11 is Lake Hylia from Four Swords Adventures. This was fun!
yep, it is. I was just figured it out when I saw this comment.nice job!
2: Deku palace (Majora's Mask)
4: Lorule Castle (Link between worlds)
8: Kaepora Gaebora (OoT) (that stupid owl… I get mad just hearing the music)
9: Death Mountain (Link between Worlds)
10: Outset Island (Wind Waker)
18: Navi’s flight theme and owl riding theme (OoT)
23: Main LoZ theme or overworld theme (Link between worlds)
26: Title theme (OoT)
28: Market (OoT),
33: Boss battle theme (Triforce Heroes)
38: Requiem of Spirit (OoT)
39: Beedle's shop (dunno which game beedle’s in tbh)
41: Hilda's Theme (Link Between Worlds)
46: Riding horses in Lon Lon Ranch (OoT) (I think any timed minigame in OoT has this music. The chicken game that Malon’s father will play, for example.)
55: Fairy Fountains and save files (pretty much all games)
61: Forest Temple (OoT)
64: Treasure hunting song (Link Between Worlds)
69: Clock Town Theme (Majora’s Mask)
73: Bolero of Fire (OoT)
74: Ravio’s Theme (Link Between Worlds)
89: Woods Theme (Link Between Worlds)
93: Opening Music (Link Between Worlds)
94: Thieves Hideout (Link Between Worlds)
95: Sheik's Theme (OoT)
99: Deku Tree (OoT)

I mostly know Ocarina of Time, Link Between Worlds, and Triforce heroes. (This is because my only console is a 3ds) I know a bit of the other games because I listen to the music even if I haven’t played the game.
Also, most of the Link Between Worlds music doubles as Link to the Past music.
5 is the song that plays when you fight a Hinox in BOTW, 6 is the song that plays in Zora's Domain in BOTW, and 12 is the song that plays when you fight a Guardian in BOTW (As you can probably tell, Breath of the Wild is the only Zelda game I've ever played lol)
Also 35 is Lost Woods/Labyrinth from...I think you all know which game.
Mayor Dotour, whatever No. 59 is, and Sanctuary from a Link to the past. Soooo close!!! D:
A Zelda/video game music nerd after my own heart