Guess That Song (20 new songs)

Uploaded on Oct 21, 2017

Make sure to check here to see the songs that are already guessed.

If you know what game it is put it in the comments. If you know the songs name you will get bragging rights. I will be adding more songs from other games later.

1. Mario Land (King Gordo)
2. Donkey Kong Arcade (WillLawson)
3. Kid Icarus (Challenger Studios)
4.Gorgeous-Go Round (Dekkadeci)
5. Lumiose City Pokémon X & Y ( King Gordo)
6. Spark Man Mega Man 3 (Charles Stiles)
7. Super Smash Bros Brawl (Challenger Studios)
8. Super Mario Bros. (Charles Stiles) (knew the title "Game Over")
9. Balloon Fight/Balloon Trip (Auratron)
10. Burn is dispair (VGA)
11. Chemical Plant zone Sonic 2 (Russian_Bear)
12. Old Man Appears (VGA)
13.Norfair (Undertale sheet music OST)
14. Animal Crossing New Leaf (King Gordo)
15. Marx' Theme (Auratron)
16. Ai no Uta (Dekkadeci)
17. Corneria Star Fox (Auratron)
18. Duck Hunt (Auratron)
19. Big Blue F-Zero (Auratron)
20. Ms. Pac-Man (TheAndrewK27 )
21. Mike Tyson's Punch Out Fight Theme (King Gordo)
22. Mortal Combat Theme (TheKreitzerMusicians)
23. Game Cube Start up (King Gordo)
24. Tetris Type B (Christian Raduns)
25. Angry Birds Theme (Christian Raduns)
26. Rygar (keys1770)
27. Luigi's Mansion Theme (Christian Raduns)
28. Hint: it is a game on the Wii
29. Wet Hands Minecraft (Christian Raduns)
30. Floral Fury Cuphead (kiel98)
31. Gangplank galleon (Lenster2000)
33. Unfounded Revenge (minimario101)
34. Dig Dug (MudkipMusic123)
35. Mii Channel (Nin.Pro)
36. Jump Up Super Star (Nin.Pro)
37. Mario Bros. "Game Start" (Superman9703)
38. Yo-Kai Watch Battle (megamandude...)
41. Duck Tales (Thomas the Traveler)
42. Flintstones: Rescue of Dino and Hoppy (Nin.Pro)
46. Pac-Man Theme (Nin.Pro)
48.Hau'oli City Night (minimario101)

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48 is hauli city from sun and moon
#8 is the jingle played when Mario dies.
#23 is the GameCube start-up theme :)
#25 is Angry Birds
#27 is Boo's theme from Super Mario
#29 is Wet Hands.
#35 is the Mii Theme. Arranged that one a while back.
#37 is Mozart's Serenade No. 13 in G Major.
#41 is the DuckTales theme. Funny that I just arranged it.
#42 Flintstones
#46 Pac-Man c:
50 is plantera's theme from terraria
50 is Talus Battle from Breath of the Wild?
43 is the title Theme for Dr. Mario Rx.
40 is from Sonic Colors, Reach for the Stars.
31 is the donkey kong country final boss/credits theme.
yes i knew that one
40 is the title theme from kirbys dreamland 1 for the gb lol
please give me a clue about 50 im sure i know it!
#44 is the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Theme
Hounder37 already said this, but 40 is the title theme from Kirby's Dreamland
32 is from a mega man game but i can't for the life of me figure out which one it is. 40 is from kirby's adventure i think? might be a different kirby gamebut that's my guess. 43 is the title theme from dr. mario on NES, that one i'm 100% sure of
11 is Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2!
crap. someone already got it. I actually expected that.
1. Credits - Super Mario Land
2. (Whenever Donkey Kong appears) - idk except Smash
6. (Something from a Mega Man game)
7. Main Theme - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
8. Game Over - Super Mario Bros.
9. (Only heard it from Smash, don't know what it's from)
11. I really should know this but I don't, I recognize it, though.
12. Also familiar
14. Title Screen - Animal Crossing: New Leaf
18. Main Theme - Duck Hunt
19. Big Blue - F-Zero
23. Gamecube Startup
24. Tetris Type B - Tetris
25. Balkan Blast - Angry Birds
27. Main Theme - Luigi's Mansion
29. Wet Hands - Minecraft
31. (King K. Rool Battle) - Donkey Kong Country
33. Unfounded Revenge - Earthbound
35. Mii Channel - Wii
36. Jump Up, Superstar! - Super Mario Odyssey
37. Main Theme - Mario Bros.
41 sounds familiar, no idea what it is tho
42. Main Theme - The Flintstones (or GRAND DAD if you prefer...)
46. Main Theme - Pac-Man
50 is the Plantera Fight theme from terraria
40 is from the title theme of Kirby's Dreamland
Is 49 from Final Fantasy?
OH I KNOW! It's Final Fantasy VII Prelude
(Hopefully this hasn't been solved yet)
Song #50: (Although offtune) Plantera (Boss 5) - Terraria OST
yes it is or it is also the Title theme for Kirby's Dream Land
Yes exactly!! It took me a while to find the right one :D
honesty i did not know that that was an unused song for Kirby's adventure
Damn, I was so sure of it because when I listened to https://youtu.be/2rshW_DVNCo?list=PLDDA68DA078DC9B98&t=19 from second 19 it's identical!
#44 is Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (NES) Music - Title Theme
Is 40 from sonic?
and I think 49 is from final fantasy