Prometheus "The Bringer of Knowledge" Op.1 Mvt.4

Uploaded on Feb 5, 2014

This piece is the 4th piece in my Symphonic Suite, Titled, "The Gods and Titans"
Prometheus was a titan, who was given credit for the creation of man out of clay. Zeus became angry with Man and took away his knowledge (Fire). Prometheus disobeyed Zeus and gave fire back to Man. Prometheus' punishment for this act was touter for eternity; Once a day, an Eagle would come down and eat his liver and since he was immortal,he would have it grow back that night, just to find that it was being consumed again by the Eagle the next day.
The distant Horn motif represents man's curiosity and knowledge, the continuos rhythm and chaotic noise is Zeus' will.
This piece follows Prometheus' story

Enjoy ! And don't for get to watch my other pieces in this suite !!!!!!!!! ---- Athena ---- Hermes ---- Hephaestus

Suite orchestral fire evilpie Eagle evilpie2 eternal evilpie3 Torture zeus prometheus gods knowing Titans Zues knowlegde

Pages 24
Duration 06:06
Measures 170
Key signature natural
Parts 26
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