Fantasy No.1 "For Woodwinds"

Uploaded on May 18, 2016

After a month of working on this little fantasy, I think it is finally completed. Please leave some critique and feedback on what can be improved or if you just like the piece!

When I first started writing the ideas to this piece, I was initially playing around with some counterpoint while trying to write a symphonic dance; this came out instead. I felt that the woodwind voices could really compliment the themes I have created here, and so came forth this first Fantasy of mine.

1 Piccolo
2 Flutes
2 Oboes
1 English Horn
2 Bassons
1 Eb Clarinet
2 Bb Clarinets
1 Bass Clarinet
1 Contrabass Clarinet
4 French Horns
1 Timpani
1 Xylophone
1 Glockenspiel
Percussion Set

Fantasy tone 1 woodwinds wind insturments evilpie evilpie3 number dance counterpoint

Pages 44
Duration 05:03
Measures 212
Key signature natural
Parts 14
Part names Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon, Clarinet(4), French Horn, Timpani, Percussion(3)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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It sounds really nice, but I feel sorry for the lungs of the clarinet players :D
Haha thank you. I imagine they will hate me after this piece!
I'd forgotten about this! I checked to see if I'd already favourited it, but no...this time I did. It's a fine work. I remembered why I liked it, because the piece made great use of the winds. It's something I should stick to instead of trying to write for strings, which I'm hopeless at.
Well thank you very much for the favorite!
I feel that the more confined the palate, the more you can do with a piece of music
as a low french hornist I very much enjoy the horn parts haha
I love the fact that you remembered to include the Glock
there is always a spot for the glock in any of my pieces!
I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but I'd definitely look at dovetailing for that staccato clarinet line. Another option is to just remove one note here and there for effect, but I'm assuming you have the line as it is for a reason. You could just assume that they'll figure out when to breathe on their own, but for the sake of detail, personally, I'd look into dovetailing. For the clarinetists sake too lol
I know it can be a difficult part for the clarinets with those constant eighth notes, but I originally intended the players to take breaths where they can throughout the piece, staggered out.
This is a very fun piece! I really enjoyed the low's parts a lot. (This is coming from a low reed player herself) I love how you actually gave them a part instead of whole notes the whole time. Very well done!
Thank you very much! All parts in chamber pieces deserve the limelight at least once or twice!
They really do! I wish I could have more parts like that, but no one's that nice to the bass clarinet
I tried it out with them at first, but I didn't like the tone and overall feeling they added to the piece
You spelled ensemble wrong in the beginning. You spelled it ensamble.
You are right! This piece has been up for 9 months and I haven't realized that until now. Thank you!
A month's work well spent. It's pretty spectacular. Just rearrange that horrid chord with the fermata, it nearly liquefied my brain through the headphones!
Thank you very much! How would you recommend it be rearranged?
By being removed? Just my little joke. Leave it in, I was just startled by it in the headphones.
Ahh, sorry about that. I get you now!
Cool! yes those clarinet player's chops would fall off, not to mention their breathing would be messed up for the rest of their lives ;P (they deserve it though haha)
awesome! I like it a lot. Those poor clarinets though! :)

at least you had sense to give them a break once in a while, but still... brutal! It has a cool effect though.
Thank you!
Hopefully they'll get over it when they realize that they are the stars of this fantasy!
first, its great, but ....I think It can be more great if you play with dynamics (ff, p, mp). M1 is a very great start, it force me to continue listening till M29... then I expect you give it some more power to go to a climax. The end is as good as the start. Hope you appreciate my honesty . All by all a great piece of music :)
I do appreciate your honesty and feedback! When this finally get performed, I hope to be able to be in the rooma nd tweek it in person to be able to see what dynamic contrast should go where.
Thank you!
Can I arrange this for 2 pianos?
Of course! As long as you give me credit as the composer.
Great job! I only think that the clarinets part should not be very funny to play. There is no inflexion where they could inspire... However, I'm not a clarinetist.
You could try to have all of your clarinets learn circular breathing but that is kinda hard.
Thank you. I know their part is kind of repetitive, but I tried to make up for it at measure 135!
As a clarinetist, I agree. Remember you're writing for wind instruments, so give them a place to take a breather! Perhaps move the moving eighth notes across different instruments? Clarinets in A will work better than clarinets in B-flat since the piece is in D (kind of).

Also, you should add slurs for all the woodwinds parts to make it smoother and easier to play and listen to. :P
at 3: 27 the transition could be smoother and the ending sounds a little too busy but other than that AMAZING
Could you give me some feedback o these pieces
Thank you! I intended the ending to sound "busy". I will make sure to look at these pieces for you.
thanks for the feedback... there is new piece i started called enigma.. i feel that it is stagnating please help!
I appreciate the information. I did not know that oboes could not do glissandos.
we can, just sounds weird
we prefer not to
short ones on reed (1 to 4 semitones) are fine, but not reliable
I just changed the sections with glissandos to 32nd note runs.
should be better, though expect like a bit muddy
Switch the upper bassoon parts to tenor clef. Most players will be perferring that, or even treble
For the whole piece? Or do you mean just at specific points? Some of the time I think the bassoon is too low to use treble or even tenor clef.
btw, Treble is not transposing, contrary to brass