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Uploaded on Jul 29, 2012


This piece tells a story of a harmless drive down a back country road with two sweethearts. The two kids park on the top of a hill, just to "sit and talk" for a while. They see a light overhead. The boy asks to go and see what it could be; to get out and get closer.
As they creep closer and closer to the strange light they start to feel woozy but persist and walk ever closer. The girl stops to ask to go back but just at that moment, a light shines upon them. The boy screams "RUN!" and they try to dart back to their car.

The beam of light shut of as they hopped back in there car. The boy tried to start the car but it seemed all the energy was drained from the vehicle.
They sat in that car for a while holding each other. They couldn't see anything for miles around them, just open fields. Just then a light penetrated the windshield as a giant "V" shaped aircraft raised from the bottom of the hill, to eye level with the young sweethearts .
The boy tried to start his car one last time. The engine revved and he took the car down the hill backwards.
The car flipped, rolled and landed neatly on the road at the bottom of the hill. The kids got out of the car unharmed and looked up and, to their amazement, there was the ship lingering over them. It then makes a maneuver to face the stars and takes off at what seems to be the speed of light. the ship leaves the two standing there holding hands wondering ...
The piece ends quite suddenly, leaving the idea open that "They" could return .....

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Pages 18
Duration 03:57
Measures 87
Key signature natural
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