Ragged - A Two Step

Uploaded on Jul 1, 2017

My first attempt at using MuseScore on a Rag I composed back in 1975 at the height of the Ragtime revival.
Not quite mastered the "8va" placings so please rely on your own good sense when deciding when to play the right hand an octave higher.

Pages 3
Duration 04:21
Measures 92
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, no derivatives
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Luke It is now almost a month since your message asking my permission to record my composition “Ragged” with a view to uploading the recording to YouTube. I responded as soon as I saw your message, giving you permission to use my composition on the understanding that I would be given full credit as composer. I was more than a little disappointed that you did not see fit to acknowledge my reply. Four days ago I did send you a gentle reminder that I had not heard from you and wondered what progress, if any, you were making. Up to this time, I have yet to receive a reply to that message. I set very great store by good manners and the fact that you seem incapable of displaying any prompts me to irrevocably withdraw my permission to use my composition in any way, shape or form. Should I find that my composition has been used, the appropriate action will be taken, not least being to request your removal from YouTube for unauthorised use of material.
Hi, Mayerl. I'd like to apologize for my extreme lack of communication. I've had a lot of time taken up by school, I didn't see the reminder you sent. However, I just got the chance to fully read your message, and out of respect, will not upload the piece to youtube if you don't want me to. Best regards, -Luke
This is good. Would you mind if I learned this for Youtube? It's not my piece so I figured I should ask permission. BTW, when placing the 8v or 15m lines, double click the line, then use shift and the left or right arrow keys to change the notes it affects.
Finding my way around MuseScore a little better so taken the opportunity to do a bit of polishing here and there.