Looking Back

Uploaded on Jul 10, 2017

The title is due to the fact that this Rag was put together from jottings, sketches and ideas from about 40 years ago, now put into some kind of order with a couple of key changes and a little revision.

Pages 4
Duration 04:17
Measures 90
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Really enjoyable rag! While this piece "looks back", I'll be looking forward to hear more from you.
Thank you, pleased you liked it. The next one may take a little longer since I have now used up all my 40 odd year old sketches. Working on it though!!
Thank you. That theme developed from 4 bars of 40 year old jottings but bars 17-19 nearly sent me into harmonic meltdown !!
Thank you again for the comment John, and well spotted!! That little bridge in bars 72-73 is a well-worn musical cliche that I have seen used, not just by Joplin but other Ragtime composers, so, if it’s good enough for them......... As for the fourth strain, the 40 year old sketch I intended to use steadfastly refused to go where I wanted it to within the constraints of 16 bars, so that had to be put to one side for later. A couple of hours later I was playing Kismet and yes, I did take a little inspiration from the final strain although I hope I have deviated enough from it to avoid charges of plagiarism!! As far as the left-hand 10ths go, they are meant to be played “split” but, still a relative novice at MuseScore, I have yet to learn how to notate that. I totally agree with your comments on the Joplin-Hayden collaborations especially Felicity, one of my favourites. In common with a lot of Ragtime historians, I still wonder which of them was responsible for each element. We all have our pet theories. Not far short of running out of sketches now so the next one may take a little more time on the assumption that Divine intervention will not lend a hand. Once again, thanks for taking the time to comment Best wishes, David