Minuet and TriosOp. 4

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Minuet and Trio. I don't know how I feel about the B section in the Minuet or the Trio. Somthing to work on.

Fugue in C Major Op. no 3(Exposition)

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The main idea for this fugue is the 7 falling to a #4 in a jazz context. I can thank Joe Pass for this fugue. I was watching one of his youtube lessons in witch he demonstrated comping techniques. The progression he used was CMaj7, A13 (voiced as G,C#,F#,B) Dm11 and G13. Through various jam sessions on that progression, with and without my bassist, I became intrigued by the sound of the 7 falling to the sharp #4. I thought this would be a good idea to write a fugue with and decided to use a vocal melody I had that illustrated the idea.(The head of my theme) I then added on a tail and I had my theme. Since this fugue is based on a jazz idea, I am not following the contrapuntal "rules" about preparing and resolving dissonance...Or meyhap I am. In jazz the seventh is considered a chord tone...Si I suppose it depends on how you look at it... Now! Off to write the rest...

Fugue in G Major Op. No 2

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My second Fugue ever. I came up with my theme while improvising on my electric guitar. I modified it a bit, as it was originally in 5/4. I did not want to try to write a fugue in 5/4 time! I kept the most important parts of the melody, A,Eb,D rising up to B, and added on the second measure. During this fugues composition, I gained a much better understanding of double counterpiont...because of the mistakes I made utilizing double counterpiont in this fugue.;) This fugue was also an exploration in writing developments. I don't know how well I did, but I learned somthing. So I suppose this fugue is testament to progress if not perfection.

Invention No.1 in Gb Major

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When you listen for the first time, could you listen to it without looking at the sheet music? That's what I do when listen to stuff because I've noticed I can be dazzled by exiting looking sheet music (Usually on Youtube in the recommended vid list) and then it's crap. Or I listen to something and then look at the score and it doesn't look like anything special, but it was amazing. Now I always try to form an opinion on a song before I see the score. Just a personal thing of mine. My first attempt at an invention. I wrote this in two days despite the fact that I promised myself I wouldn't procrastinate this week. I should have known. The time constraint helped force me to write a relatively good, functional, piece in a reasonable amount of time, instead of agonizing over writing a "perfect" piece and never finishing. It's better compose a functional skeleton so you have something to work with instead of obsessing over a non existent vision of perfection that can only exist in your head. Now I might go back and rewrite some sections or try other things, which I couldn't do if I didn't have the bones to work with. And that's what I learned this week. I also learned that I wish I could play piano so I wouldn't have to listen to a computer play things. When I listen to this sometimes the beat becomes obscured if you don't focus on where the 1 is. (Due to bad/unaware writing. I need to keep that in mind next time) I think if a human was playing it they would do a better job of keying you in to where the one is though. Maybe I can get one of my pianist friends to play it. Then i could find out.