Uploaded on May 20, 2017

Fanfare F Major X. Sanctus

Pages 3
Duration 01:48
Measures 70
Key signature 6 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Very beautiful! One thing though - shouldn't the D naturals be C double sharps? It's f sharp major after all....
That is correct. When I wrote the fanfare it was in F Major. Later I transposed it to the much brighter F# Major and the previous c sharps of the A Major chords became c double sharps of the A# Major chords. I think I changed them to d naturals for readability reasons. The score looks much leaner this way. Maybe I should change it back to clarify the harmonic progression. It looks kind of weird anyway.
Un trompeteo diferente y conmovedor. El allegro del mano derecha traiga doniare que no pueda encontrar en otros trompeteos. Recuerdame de Pachebel Canon en el parte terminado. Muy bien.
I love it! It sounds wonderful. Also, I used the MIDI to make a #MIDIFLIP version of it, which, by the way, sounds interesting. I recommend trying it.
This is definitely one of my favorite pieces on Musescore! It's so well composed with an awesome melody and it's in a great key signature :)
Awesome job
keep it up :)
The vivacissimo part sounds a bit like the pop song "Spicks and Specks", by the Bee Gees, on steroids, of course.
Transposed to much brighter F#-Major, removed double crosses.
Thank you to the both of you Isaac and Carlos
Thanks Jansson and Baromeus!

Changes: -> Softer Transitions
-> Fixed the ending
sounds really good, I'm not sure why but now i want to play a old-school--side-scrolling-Adventure game. You got a awesome theme that is played beautiful through the whole piece. good job.
Measures 21-36 I think it would be better if you flipped the hands around. If I were to play this a vista I'd probably cross my hands at those measures which would make it all the more difficult. Just a suggestion.

Other than that, great work! :)