Schindlers List Theme for Strings and Solo Violin

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Probably one of the most beautiful and emotional pieces ever composed, from Steven Spielberg's motion picture Schindlers List.
I absolutely love the emotion and feel of this piece, and in my opinion it is one of John Williams' finest pieces.

Genre: Film

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PianoForLive's picture

Thanx so much! I will use it for the piano, but I was looking for the string score, after hearing Itzhak Perlman, cause it's so moving, a bit longer then piano score and I'm curious how Itzhak's solo will feel and sound on the piano. This help me out a lot!

cantors's picture

Beautiful arrangement. I have a concert in Feb and would like players to play this.
Do you happen to have in Violin/Viola/Piano format?
If not, would it be possible to receive the parts in the quartet setup you have?
Many thanks
email cantors at

Humphrey11's picture

I'm managing a string orchestra this year and would love to play this piece. Would it be possible to get the parts separately? Thanks in advance.

Jacob for violin's picture

I uploaded one easy solo - user/399661/scores/750316

jon lara's picture

c´est bon

Musicali's picture

i have only heard it on solo violin and piano not like this but it's just as beautiful

Musicali's picture

love it but isn't it slightly higher?

Santiago Vega's picture

I love this piece, John Williams is a genius, and the interpretation of Perlman is the best. And the movie is one of the best of the history too, altough is really sad, shows us a story of a man who gave up everything to help others, although his position was very difficult, save the lifes of very many people . Really great arrangement , thanks for sharing!

Rusterville's picture

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback :)

Rachel-Violin's picture

This is amazing!! Thank you so much. Perfect for my school orchestra. Such a lovely, moving piece:)

Rusterville's picture

Thank you very much :D

Rusterville's picture

Hey, what are your opinions on me orchestrating this?

Rusterville's picture

3000 views! Amazing! Thank you all!!!!

MusicLover421's picture

This is amazing! Listening to this again made me remember how much I cried in this movie. Thanks for arranging this.

randomuniq's picture

amazing song! I love this movie so much :) I was almost bawling at how much of a good guy Schindler was for saving all the Jews :'). Great arrangement of a great song! ~RU

Rusterville's picture

I was bawling at the end when the actors paid respect to Schindler's grave, with the characters they played. A few of them had passed away, and it said '... is no longer alive, so here to represent him/her is...'. Then Liam Neeson stands alone at the grave, after he lays a rose on it. Oh my god, I've never cried so much in a film before. Anyways, thanks for the comment RU :D

Rusterville's picture

Amazing, my second 2000 view piece. Thanks a bunch :D

ApresAlkan's picture

Well done! An almighty achievement--I've been on here nearly a year, and have only had my second 500-view piece. Charming arrangement.

Rusterville's picture

Thank you, I really appreciate it :D

AshBoy's picture

Absolutely brilliant!!!!!! I'd have to agree, definitely one of his best pieces. I actually had no idea John Williams wrote this.... that's so cool! Really great arrangement =D

Rusterville's picture

Thank you very much!! One of his best pieces and a great film, but a very depressing one at that. :D

JazzTuba95's picture

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

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Uploaded Feb 17, 2012
Pages 7
Duration 3:12
Measures 48
Key signature natural
Parts 5
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  • Violin
  • Strings (2)
  • Viola
  • Cello
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