Jailhouse Rock Quasy-Dudley Brooks style Raw Notation


About this sheet music

This is just a Midi version of Jailhouse rock dumped into MuseScore, With only the piano par audible. I have tried to fuse the Jailhouse Rock Piano Climax Raw Notation file with this midi that I found (see bellow) will be refining chords, notation swing using the piano as a starting point. The Goal is, of course, creating a piano part of Jailhouse Rock that accurately notates Dudley Brooks' April 30, 1957 playing style.

any suggestions, help, will be very much appreciated!

The Original Midi can be found Here though it has parts that are clearly not synchronised.


Here as an ogg sound file (not midi) is the original but without the echoing quite unsynchronised parts.


Genre: Rock

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thanks.. You sent me a message concerning Songsterr.. yes i know that site but we need to pay for downloading something..

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Uploaded Jun 21, 2014
Pages 100
Duration 2:28
Measures 104
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 11
Part names
  • Guitar (5)
  • Bass (2)
  • Piano (2)
  • Alto Saxophone (2)
License All rights reserved
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