Halo Theme

Uploaded on Dec 3, 2015

Pages 1
Duration 02:06
Measures 59
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Violin
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License None (All rights reserved)
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this piece is simple to play. Its nice ;0
it's nice but it needs to be in D major to get rid of all the unnecessary accidentals and then in mm 35-38 should go into the d minor
Anyone know what the exact tempo is at the Dun dun dun dduuuuuun part?
Stop asking for transpositions and just do it yourselves! Nice job OP
"Oh no.. i remember... i remember now why i abandoned you..."
Just play the notes as they are or just play them up an octave
if only there was a violin 2 part for this. than i can do this in my orchestra
i can. it's just easier if there was more than one part for orchestral performances so we can have varied roles. it would be harder to make a violin 2 for this though.
I mean... the piece is pretty darn hard, to perform properly you do need pretty decent skill.
Transposing to Upright Bass. Big thanks i could not have done this without someone's help
it's pretty good but also slightly off
You might want to work a bit on dynamics and tempo, maybe changing the length of the notes. Adding one more instrument could make it sound a bit better too. Besides that, everything is great.
maybe jsut make some of the longer notes stick for longer ( especially near the end where it is begining to slow down. besides that. my origional comment stands. brilliant.
Could you write this for viola by chance
I'm about to transpose this to Eb Alto Saxophone, I'm glad I found this or else that wouldn't have been possible
Im making a arrangment for cello on note flight if anyone wants one. Nothing special, its the same thing just in bass clef.
Halo is the best; and it brings me a smile every time I learn more to this song for the Violin; Thanks for making this!
I was going to try and play on trumpet....... Key word was
This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for making this.
Is there any chance that someone can translate this into Alto clef? I'm a viola player who really wants to be able to play this.
me too i am to lazy to make a whole other song but i had to convert it in my mind
Did u get ur wish? I play viola as well and i would love to play this song
Not that I've seen, no. I'm kinda sad.
I was surprised with how easy the chorus actually is; I almost got the whole thing down flawlessly in under 30 minutes!
This is good for a solo piece :D Thank you for making it ^^
Awesome piece I play it even though im a trumpet player!!
Its really good, but it leaves out a few parts that repeat and some parts do not rest for the appropriate amount of time, if you could re-do those parts it would make it even better, other then that this is amazing, I'm teaching myself how to play it.
Once you get to the chorus, I think the time signature should change to 12/8. With all the triplets, it seems it'd be easier if it was written as 12/8. Other than that, seems great
to fast for the chorus because the tempo is a little faster than 70 bpm