Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitszu, Ninjago Original Sound Track Remembering Father Easy Piano Version

Uploaded on Nov 15, 2017

One of my favorite tracks from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitszu, this song plays in Season 1, Episode Seven: Tick Tock, as Zane remembers his father for the first time. :) This isn't a full version of the song, just the main melody and harmony lines.

Ninjago OST Jay Vincent Mike Kramer Zane

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Duration 01:09
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Oh my goodness I love this show except they won't put season 6 on netflix! I'm trying to find music so I can play falcon chase - that's my favorite song, and this is a close second
Falcon Chase is my all time favorite piece of music, and I can't find it anywhere! Let me know if you find it.
Yes! Season 8! It was so good, and so weird, and so... everything! The soundtrack was awesome too- we had some really great music to listen to. I was so happy when they used Pixal's theme again! Though they used music from S3, when Zane dies. I felt that wasn't the best place to use that music - it's so serious and sad, and you knew that since it was the middle of the series, there was no way Zane was going to be gone for more than a couple episodes. But I was glad that Lloyd got some cool themes in this one- though he's a major character in most seasons, he almost never has his own music. What was your favorite part of the soundtrack?
I also wish that Season 6 was on Netflix, but you can get it at your local library. (You may want to request two copies, so that if one is damaged, you can watch the other.) Falcon Chase is also my favorite, though I just rewatched Season 5, and the ghostly music is pretty sweet. :) What instrument do you play? Do you also compose or arrange music?
I like the ghostly music too. I play the piano, and I don't compose/arrange (yet!) but it's on my radar of skills to work on. How did you get started arranging?
I play piano also. How long have you been playing? I started 'arranging' somewhere between 4th and 6th grade. My mom found a website called QuaverMusic.com, and they have a music editor that is a highly simplified version of MuseScore, for children. I goofed around with 'writing', 'arranging' and writing down my piano pieces, on and off for 4-6 years. A couple years ago, I was incredibly frustrated with the Quaver music editor, because it is so simple. It's great for beginners, but I couldn't get the notes to slur, and I couldn't easily print my music out either. So I researched and found MuseScore. Then came Ninjago, which my sisters and I fell in love with, and then we got the soundtrack, and I had some extra time, so I arranged this song. I really want to arrange other Ninjago soundtrack songs, but haven't found the time. :) So if you want to arrange music, just start. Find something simple, and practice writing it down. It takes a lot of time, but is totally doable, even for a beginner. You may have to focus on just the melody, or slow down the song and listen a hundred bazilion times to get harmony and base. What's your favorite soundtrack?
I am an orchestra at my school. I have seen all of the seasons, except for when Cole turns human again. People are saying it is at the end of season six, but I had rented season 6 and watched until it had no more. I am confused. My favorite is the Chen season (3 or 4) and the beginning seasons. It is above my level of learning to play most of the Ninjago pieces, unfortunately.
Cole does become human (lego?) again, but it doesn't happen during the normal seasons. It actually happens during the only 1 hour special, called Day of the Departed, which occurs between season 6 and 7, according to Wikipedia. I haven't been able to find it at the library or online, unfortunately. Season 4, The Tournament of Elements, is really awesome! Chen is probably my favorite villain. I love how he seems really silly and gullible, but is really very cunning and nasty. Have you watched the Chen's New Chair mini movies? You can find them on Youtube. They're not technically canon, but are hilarious anyway. Season 4 is also amazing because Zane comes back, and because Cole gets to break him out. Who's your favorite Elemental Master, besides the ninja?
I want to say either Neuro or Skylor. They are both cunning and pretty awesome. Thanks for the info.
Neuro and Skylor are both super awesome. Neuro's mind power would be incredible- if it didn't drive you completely insane. And Skylor, they've never said if her power comes back after Chen's Anacondri spell...
I started violin in the fourth grade, and I am in seventh. I chose it because I loved the way it sounded. It wasn't an obnoxious cello or bass. My favorite ninjago music is Zane's true potential. I would also like to point out that Zane seems to be a leader in unlocking themselves. He was the first to discover his true potential, the first (of the four, not lloyd) to get his dragon, and he sacrificed himself to save others.
I started in 4th and now I'm in 7th too! ZANE IS THE BEST!
I have to agree with you: Zane is the coolest character, the one I identify with most, and the one whose subplots get the coolest music! What instrument do you play? What's your favorite Ninjago Soundtrack song?
Do you play violin solo mostly, or for a class or with a group? Zane's True Potential is an amazing song- they use parts of it when each ninja unlocks their own potential. Zane is totally amazing. What's your favorite season? How many seasons have you seen? Do you play Ninjgo music much?
I am a violinist. I love music, especially jazz and passionate songs. I have seen the movie, and I like the movie, however I am going to go with the seasons because Zane is my favorite, and he's better played in the seasons. Movie: Zane barely talks. Seasons: He literally DIES. There is such a big difference...
How long have you played violin? Why did you choose that instrument? The movie was good, but not as good as the seasons. Zane is an awesome character, plus most of his subplots have their own themes, which is double awesome! What's your favorite Ninjago music, in either the movie or the seasons?
Oh my gosh! That's my favorite episode! Very nice job!!
Thanks! It's my favorite episode also. What brings you to MuseScore? Are you a musician? Composer? Music enthusiast? Also, have you seen the Ninjago movie? If so, which do you prefer: the seasons or the movie?
The seasons, they got so much wrong with the movie don't get me started
I agree. I'm sure you've seen that thing floating around Pinterest: "This random bystander looks more like the original Cole than the Cole in the movie!" I was SUPER disappointed in the movie soundtrack also. I liked a couple of the pop style songs, Heroes and Found My Place, but the actual background music was rather blah. And it took absolutely NO cues from the season soundtrack! The Ninjago seasons soundtrack is one of my favorite musical works, so I was really disappointed that they didn't even nod to the Ninjago theme, the way they nodded to Weekend Whip. However, I know a lot of people who have only seen the movie, so when I talk to them about Ninjago, I have to remember that they only know my favorite characters from their diminished movie selves. :( But talking about them in the movie is kind of better than not talking about them at all...