FINISHED - Variations on a theme by Rebecca Y

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Nov 29, 2018

*fugue starts at measure 477*
(12/13/18 - Variation 9 added)
(12/9/18 - Variation 8 added)
(2/13/19 - finished version uploaded)
So...here's what I've been working on...

It's finished! Thanks to Or Vaitzman and colorsofsound1 for variation suggestions!

Thank you to Rebecca Y for letting me use her theme for this! Here is a link to the original song by her: https://musescore.com/rebeccayang/winter200-follower-special

[Theme] (C# minor)
Var. 1 - Vivace (C# minor)
Var. 2 - Legato - l'istesso tempo (C# minor)
Var. 3 - Misterioso (C# minor)
Var. 4 - Dies Irae - Canon (C# minor)
Var. 5 - Chorale - Adagio (C# major)
Var. 6 - Slightly inebriated - (A minor)
Var. 7 - Allegro Giocoso (C# major)
Var. 8 - Molto Agitato (F# minor)
Var. 9 - Marcia Funebre (A# minor) - thanks to @colorsofsound1 for the request!
Var. 10 - Nocturne (Bb major) - thanks to @Or Vaitzman for the request!
Var. 11 - FUGA (C# minor) - this is one of the most dense and most complex pieces I've ever written. I REALLY hope you like it because it was an absolute nightmare to write...the thing about this fugue is that it takes a lot out of the rest of the variations so it makes more sense if you listen to the whole thing :D
CODA - C# minor ---> C# major

Yes, the dynamics in the fugue are kinda ridiculous xD

What was your favorite part? Comment below!


finished c sharp minor fugue dense theme rebecca y 800 lol hard HARD

Pages 45
Duration 19:18
Measures 796
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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