One Summer's Day (Spirited Away)

Uploaded on Nov 29, 2015

Performance: https://youtu.be/z8Nhoen-j7Q
More studio ghibli & anime: https://musescore.com/user/2466621/sets/1440091

My take on this incredible piece from the movie Spirited Away, by Studio Ghibli. This is mostly based on Hisaishi's performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpXnIXP6j78, but I did some small changes here and there. I saw that there wasn't really any piano version of this on musescore, so I hope it's helpful. Check out my musescore profile or youtube channel for more anime covers!

Techincal stuff: If you can play it like Hisaishi does, then you're golden. It's not too hard to learn the notes, but I think the dynamics are hard to replicate.

Spirited Away Studio Ghibli Joe Hiaishi Intermediate Anime Movie One Summer's Day Bittersweet Emotional

Pages 3
Duration 03:24
Measures 67
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Hi, ive been practicing since yesterday and been practing measures 1-11 and ive noticed that it doesn’t really sound right..?
This is such a beautiful arrangement. Thank you so much for this.
This is such a lovely piece! I can't wait to play it! One problem, how should I play measure 14 and 16 if I am unable to play the lowest note of the bass clef because my hand isn't big enough. Should I just make the note an octave higher?
The way that I am doing it (and I belive how Hisaishi does it as well) is to play the low note with you left and and the chord with your right hand, as your right hand has an eighth rest before it comes in again.
this is a perfect arrangement and i cannot wait to learn it in its entirety. thank you so much for making such a beautiful and spot on arrangement of this beautiful melody.
Omg I coud be crying. This is one of the best arrangement ever! It's awesome, could you try to arrange the sixth station, too? It would be great, it's a very beautiful piece! Thank you if you do it
this is how good it is" Im going to cry!!
Awesome! Really sounds beautiful. Keep it up!
OMG dude! You playing really emotional mate! Really soulful mate! Thank you for the piece!
btw sry i am actually grade 2 but its funny how i learned canon in D and river fllows in you and think im grade 5 and above.Haha!
im grade 1 but i really want to play this beautiful and extraordinary piece as i performed in studio ghibli recital,Singapore as my school choir was tere and it was so beautiful i felt like i was pulled back to when i was only 6 when i heard this song.Do you think a grade 1 can learn this?I doubt it but ill try:D
How do you play the play the 56-57 measure? its so hard to get it right
It really took me time to do those two bars I also recommend constantly listening to the arrangement, for me personally this was the hardest bit to learn and because it's close to the end of the piece it felt like the final obstacle! Once you get it you feel so happy
Practise it seperately with your right hand first, and just use the thumb for the lower ones. It's definitely a bit tricky, the bass needs to be automated.
Literally best song in Spirited Away. Well, maybe. Great job!
WOW... This is the best arrangement here lol. It is the most accurate to the original and you played it beautifully!!
Spirited Away is my favorite movie of all time, and I loved hearing this song again. Fantastic job.
Im glad some songs are not very time-consuming practise wise yet sound very nice, this and 5 cm per second end theme are great for anyone looking for slightly easier songs. Still requires some practice though.
If this piece was a piano grade, what grade would you give it?
In 1-9? I'd say 4. It's not just your standard minor-major chord arpeggios, and some of the right hand transitions are difficult.
Technique-wise, it does seem to be around that level, but to play it beautifully takes a lot more musical maturity than that,
once again, my small hands are the main obstacle for this piece XD
I'd say it's intermediate. There's plenty of weird chords and challenging positions if you want to master it.
I was entranced! Beautiful! i also appreciate the youtube video to go along with it vs. regular playback so we can see it played with feeling. Bravo!
Delighted! It will be a pleasure to try to play it . Thank you for your arrangement!
I was looking for a piano solo for one summer's day, and lo and behold, I found yours! You're one of my favorites, and I can't wait to try to play this!
those are some nice hands you got there
I love that piece so much!!! Every time I hear it i cry!!! I can't wait to learn it!
I can't wait to learn this! I absolutely love this piece, so many emotions :((
This is a wonderful arrangement. I really like it and I am going to practice this.

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