Epic Sax Guy


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Epic Sax Guy, made famous by Sergey Stepanov on YouTube

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Daniel Cammue's picture

everyone WANTS THE "D" even my girl

ccancglin15's picture

Yeah bro, D Natural.

ccancglin15's picture

Yeah bro, D Natural.

AndrewJeffares's picture

the two Es in measure 3 and 4 should be slurred.

AndrewJeffares's picture

They want the "D" natural!

peachyp01's picture


ttyyat@gmail.com's picture

It is because the C before the D should be sharp not the D

peachyp01's picture

I don't think that D sharp at the end sounds right what so ever...

FlourPowerMP's picture

The G (or double-sharped F) should be an F-Sharp, shouldn't it?

brianna.laos's picture

Yeah cause if you play f natural it doesnt sound right

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Uploaded Mar 22, 2012
Pages 1
Duration 0:16
Measures 4
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 1
Part names
  • Alto Saxophone
License All rights reserved
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