Star Wars Medley Two Piano Duet

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Medley of favorite Star Wars songs written for 2 pianos. Intermediate level. 17 pages.

Genre: Contemporary
Format: Composition

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vprytko's picture

I have been trying to find a piece like this for a long time. This is AMAZING!!

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jediblase1's picture

This is really great! other than the duel of the fates problem and the slightly slow speed on
the Battle Of The Heroes there are no problems. I need to ask a friend if he'd like to play it.

happytree155's picture

sorry... i just found one page of it. I'm a new member of this website, can you tell me where can i find the others page. I really need this sheet really soon . please reply as soon as possible. thanks

transformers4eva's picture

Amazing job! I love Star Wars and this is one of the best medleys I've found :)

lmtz1962's picture

It has been a long time since seeing Star Wars for me, and surprisingly, I only recognize 3 of the pieces you've incorporated here. Well done! I especially like the ragtime portion from the bar scene. Thanks!!

MusicLover421's picture

This is brilliant! I've never seen a composition like this! It's the best I've seen!

mariesmusic's picture

Thanks. I do a lot of this, but I can only post 5 compositions here.

trumpetdude314's picture

In Duel of the Fates, the base line is supposed to be two sixteenths and an eighth, not triplets. Unless you knew that, but decided to change it on purpose then that's fine, but I thought I'd let you know just in case.

Brosenwald's picture

In this case it would be 2 32nds and a 16th.

mariesmusic's picture

You're right, and I actually play it with the 32nds and 16ths, but I didn't feel like going back and changing it.

mariesmusic's picture

Thanks, I put this together for my student who is a high school senior and is crazy about Star Wars. He will play it for his senoir recital. I didn't put tempo marks in, so the program plays it faster and slower that it should be. I think you mean measure 27-28, where I put a half rest for the transition. That was my effect, but I know others would do it differently.

millenniumfalsehood's picture

Ah, actually I meant measures 19-20. It's the transition between the B and A-reprise sections of the Main Title, which helps seague the middle section into the reprise of the main theme. Tell him "Good luck" on this piece! I'm sure that no matter how accurate you or I think it is, it'll be a show-stopper for sure. Will he be playing it at the end of the recital? I did a 20 minute solo of A New Hope's most memorable tracks in chronological order for my senior recital, including the gun turret battle and the Battle of Yavin, and many audience members came up and told me that it was the perfect way to end the recital.

mariesmusic's picture

It will be at the end. He wants to dress like Darth Vader and perform it with his good friend. He already has a great stormtrooper outfit. There are two other duets I composed for him that he will perform as well. One is called 'The Contest" (which I sell on my website), and the other is a pop medley of 2011 songs, which I think I'll post here. Your recital must have been wonderful. Did you get video?

millenniumfalsehood's picture

Well, I *had* video, but my sister took the video camera on the next family vacation and taped over it . . . I still hold that over her head. But I'm thinking about trying to reconstruct it and do a YouTube video of it. I will probably arrange it at one point. I'm trying to arrange all of the pieces I play by ear, so I'll probably get to it eventually.

I hope you post a video of that. I love seeing people playing in costume for Star Wars pieces. 8)

millenniumfalsehood's picture

My goodness, but this is wonderful! My only suggestion would be to add the transitional measure between measures 17 and 18, and perhaps slowing it down a bit. There are a few other minor issues as well, but this is still one of the best renditions I've seen. :)

lucky13's picture

This is awesome!

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Uploaded Mar 30, 2012
Pages 17
Duration 6:06
Measures 171
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 2
Part names
  • Piano (2)
License All rights reserved
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